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Friday, January 31, 2014

WOF Recap: January 31, 2014


$1K Tossup: EVENT

_ L _ I _ _
A D _ _ N T _ R E

Erin could win an ALPINE ADVENTURE on this episode, but we need to interview them first...

Erin Elmgreen: revenue management director for a hotel chain from Sonoma, CA
Brittany Fogle: Navy wife from Orange Park, FL (and she recites the alphabet on-air!)

Matt Hankammer: IT guy from Dupo, IL

$2K Tossup: TITLE

_ / _ _ L _ / _ _
T _ O / C _ _ _ _ S

Erin triples up w/ the Charles Dickens classic "A TALE OF TWO CITIES".

FEATURED WH: Greek Peak Mountain Resort in upstate NY worth $5,881

Round 1: WAYD?

Erin's off to a terrific start w/ three N's for the MDW, then she FPs two A's before BANKRUPTING near top dollar to give up that sparkly green wedge. Second, Brittany calls a $600 G, buys an E, but then LOSES A TURN. Third, Matt takes two T's for $1,300, two I's, an $800 R and two O's, but next is L for lose while on the 1/2 CAR near $300. Back to Erin who inserts two S's for $800, buys a U, and FPs an H, but she BANKRUPTS the exact same way she did before to lose $550 that time. Brittany spins just once for a $600 M...

_ U S T / M A _ I N G
_ O N _ E R S A T I O N

...and she's JUST MAKING CONVERSATION for the house minimum.

SOLE DUD: L (Matt)
SOLE LaT: Brittany

Scores after R1
Matt: $0/Erin: $3K/Brittany: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Brittany kicks things off w/ a T for the other 1/2 CAR, two A's, a $450 R, and an S for the Green Mountain Coffee gift tag, then she buys three E's and two I's, and fills in two L's via the MW near LaT. She turns down the $2K offer...but that move will cost her $1,700 cash and coffee along w/ her plate. Secondly, Matt picks off triple B's for $2,700, two FP O's, but then comes LaT. Third, Erin finds three singles -- a $700 K, a $350 P and an $800 Y. We now have...

I / S L E P T
L I K E / A
B O O _ E R

She wrongly says "I SLEPT LIKE A BABY BOOMER", but that answer's good for $1,850.

SOLE LaT: Matt

Scores after R2
Matt: NOTHING/Erin: $4,850/Brittany: $1K


PP/Express Round: SAME LETTER

T for terrible is how the scoreless Matt starts.  Second for Erin are a $500 N, two A's, three $650 S's, two E's, and R for roadblock. Third, Brittany uncovers a $350 D, but then buys the sole dud vowel of I. Matt next calls up the SL of four L's for $2K, an H for the 1/2 CAR near $900, the leftover vowels singles of U and O, and a $900 V, then we're looking at...

L O V E L _
L A N D S _ A _ E S

He wins his first $2,900, the NEX-5T and will be seeing some LOVELY LUSH LANDSCAPES near The Mill Resort & Suites in ARUBA worth $6,399.

DUDS: T (Matt), R (Erin), I (Brittany)

Scores after R3
Matt: $9,229 cash & Aruba/Erin: $4,850/Brittany: $1K



S I B E R _ A N
_ _ _ E R

Brittany captures a SIBERIAN TIGER to quadruple her $1K.

Round 4: PHRASE

Her first spin is nothing but the BANKRUPT near $650. Second for Matt are three $900 T's, a single E, but then the bell for Speed-Up Mode...

_ E T / _ _ _ _
_ _ T T _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

...and the leftover consonants each yield $1,500

B E T / _ _ _ R
B _ T T _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ R

You BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR that Erin is victorious w/ another $6K.

DUDS (all during Speed-Up): S (Matt), G (Brittany), H (Matt)

Matt: $9,229 cash & Aruba/Erin: $10,850/Brittany: $4K

GRAND TOTAL: $24,149
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $2,250


$100K Bonus Round
This is our last chance this season to give away the Minnie Winnie. Erin's spin of the wheel stops on the * (BTW, she got to the studio despite blowing a tire on her car).

Category: PERSON
I know this one already...

_ _ _ _ R _ T _
_ _ N E R

MDPI adds two letters at the top...

M _ _ _ R I T _
_ _ N E R

...but she will NOT be the MAJORITY OWNER of the $30K. And this is second week in a row where the top winner of a week has saved everybody else's butts.

$5K SPIN ID: SS9772890

One more note -- this is the first season in a very long time that nobody has ended up landing on a Winnebago envelope.

MY EP. RATING: 5 out of 10


  1. Yeah this week was so bland (BR-wise). And you are right - this is just like season 27!

    This episode gets a 4, the week gets a 6 from me.

  2. And $30K, will you PLEASE give it a break? Please!

    1. Yeah, I've a feeling that they probably threw in 12 of those envelopes on that Bonus Wheel.

  3. Sorry I'm posting multiple comments, but I found it interesting that Brittany spelled the alphabet backwards. Reminds me of Talesa from season 29.

    And for the record, a DISASTROUS 27 Bankrupts were hit on this set (counting the extra episode). Can you believe we just broke a record?

    1. Well, I actually posted a note about those large number of BANKRUPTS this week but you beat me anyway! :) Yeah, this is just unbelievable that we've set a new record.