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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOF Recap: December 19, 2012


Opening Flashback Clip (Feb. 1, 2011 during Teachers Week): During the end-of-show chat, Pat complains that the studio is freezing, so Vanna took out a pair of body heaters from her dress

$1,000 Tossup: TITLE

_ / _ _ _ _ _ _ M _ S
_ _ _ _ _

Renee quickly solves the Dickens novel "A CHRISTMAS CAROL". We're going left to right again...

Renee Durette: Navy Intel Specialist (8 yrs) and a reservist/foreign disclosure office contractor at SATCOM in Tampa from Merritt Island, FL
Amy Vincenti: pharmacist from Jenkings Township, PA
Scott Sutton: journeyman meterman from Lake Stevens, WA

$2,000 Tossup: ON  THE MAP

_ C _ _ T _ S _
_ _ _ H _ _ _ D S

Renee's two for two w/ the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS.

FEATURED TRIP: the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC w/ tickets to see a Broadway show of your choice worth $6,410

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

The Navy lady kicks things off w/ two Jackpot R's, but then N for nothing while on the gift tag.  Second, Amy picks up the 1/2 CAR next to $300 w/ three T's, calls for a single B and hits the LAT. Third, Scott craps out w/ C. A few letters later, Renee lands on Jackpot again and lights up three S's...but she doesn't solve for the $8,350 pot, and has to buy one I and three A's. Here's what we have now...

S _ _ D
S E _ A R A T E _ _

She solves BATTERIES SOLD SEPARATELY for $2,200.

DUDS: N (Renee), C (Scott)
LAT: Amy

Scores after R1
Renee: $5,200
Amy and Scott: $0 each

Holiday Greeting of the Night: marketing/promotions departments


Mystery Round: QUOTATION

Amy does some work before saying F for fail. Second, Scott picks up the same 1/2 CAR courtesy of three N's. Later, he faces this...

_ T O C _ I N _ _
_ E R E / H _ N _ / _ _
T H E / C H I _ N E _
_ I T H / C A R E

He solves "STOCKINGS WERE HUNG BY THE CHIMNEY WITH CARE" (from "Twas the Night Before Christmas") for $1,900.


Scores after R2
Renee: $5,200
Amy: $0 
Scott: $1,900 + 1/2 CAR

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (2002): LIVING THINGS
A man named Tom chose PMCI...

_ _ P P I E S

...and he was able to solve GUPPIES.



In the middle of the round, Scott captures the Wild Card w/ a G. But after a lot of work, he and Renee both BANKRUPT on a side of the MDW (him on the left; her on the right), costing the man $4,250 and his cardboard pieces. That allows Renee to say double L's for $1K...

R _ A R I N G
_ A _ E R _ A L L S

...and solve ROARING WATERFALLS for that much money and a trip to the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay in HAWAII worth $8,500.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Scott, Renee)

Scores after R3
Renee: $5,200
Amy: $9,500 cash and trip
Scott: $1,900


$3,000 Tossup: PERSON

A _ P I R _ N G
A R _ _ _ _

Renee sweeps the Tossups w/ ASPIRING ARTIST; she's now $1,300 off Amy's lead.


Her first letters are four S's and three N's, giving her $2,700. But after a lot of work...

S E _ E N / S _ _ N S
_ - S _ _ M M _ N G

...she botches the pronunciation of the last word (SWIMMIN'), so there goes another $3,850. Amy next FPs a V and says the last consonant of two W's. 

S E V E N / S W _ N S
A - S W _ M M _ N G

She correctly says SEVEN SWANS A-SWIMMING for $1,900.

DQ: Renee's botched pronunciation

Scores after R4
Renee: $8,200
Amy: $11,400 cash and trip
Scott: $1,900

Round 5: FOOD AND DRINK (full $1,800 speed-up)

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _
P _ P _ _ R N

Scott eats some BUTTERED POPCORN for $7,200.

DUDS: S, M (both by Amy)

Renee: $8,200
Amy: $11,400 cash and trip
Scott: $9,100

TOTAL BANKRUPT TRASH (cardboard pieces excluded): $4,250


$100,000 Bonus Round
Here comes the *** space for Amy.

Category: THING
RSTLNE has lit up...

_ E _ _ _
_ _ E R _ _ _ T

She's in good shape after calling HCDO...

H E _ _ _
O _ E R C O _ T

I hope she stays warm during the winter season w/ a HEAVY OVERCOAT when driving the Grand Cherokee (second time that's won this week)! Her final total's $45,315 cash and prizes while Rebuilding Together's up to $172,500!

$5K SPIN ID: RF3999574

MY EPISODE RATING: 7 out of 10

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  1. Well, ouch at that missolve in Round 4...and had Renee gotten the Jackpot, she would've won anyway. Wow.