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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wheel of Fortune Recap: October 22, 2012


Opening Flashblack Clip (June '02): On the $1K Tossup of PERSON, Linda the schoolteacher blew it w/ AN UGLY CHILD instead of saying the right one of AN ONLY CHILD. That puzzle resulted in a Triple Stumper when the first three letters of the second word get revealed. 

$1,000 Tossup - PHRASE

R _ I _ _ / _ _ _ R
_ _ N _

Jessi tells us to RAISE YOUR HAND for the first bit of money. The first three teachers of the week...

Jessi Pierson: 1st grade teachet at Salt Rock Elementary and the former '09 Miss WV from Ona, WV
Peter Gabriele: 11th grade American History teacher at Frankfurt HS from Mantua, NJ
Earlene Pearson: special education teacher and drama director at Martin County HS from Jensen Beach, FL

$2,000 Tossup - TITLES

T _ E / I L _ _ D / _ N D
T H _ / _ D _ _ _ _ _

Earlene takes control w/ "THE ILIAD" AND "THE ODYSSEY".

EDUCATIONAL TRIP ON THE WHEEL: WorldStrides NETC tour of Peru worth $7,800

Jackpot Round - EVENT

Category Wipe of the Week: school bus
1/2 CAR available: smart car

It's all Earlene this round...

F _ _ _ / F I G H T / I N
T H E / _ A F E T E _ I A

...she recalls having to deal w/ at least one FOOD FIGHT IN THE CAFETERIA for $5K.

UNCLAIMED JACKPOT: $7,550 (incorrectly shown as $7,200)

Pre-Round 2 Scores
Jessi: $1K
Peter: $0
Earlene: $7K


Mystery Round - SAME LETTER

Jessi gets off to a bad start w/ the T. Second, Peter picks off w/ two R's, buys some vowels and calls for an S while on the Mystery Wedge next to the MDW. He risks $600...for the BANKRUPT. Third, Earlene FPs a $500 C but then BANKRUPTS near top dollar. Third, Jessi spots the SL of three F's for $2,700 before hitting the other normal BANKRUPT. Peter next FPs three I's to clean out the vowels. With only three consonants remaining...

F R I E N _ L _F A _ I L I A R

...many FRIENDLY FAMILIAR FACES are happy to hear that he's on the board w/ $2,450.

SOLE DUD: T (Jessi)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (entire panel)

Pre-Round 3 Scores
Jessi: $1K
Peter: $2,450
Earlene: $7K

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (Fall 2001): EVENT
Harriet was feeling excited after picking GIPC...

_ L _ - _ I S _ I N G

...sure enough, she got FLY-FISHING.



Peter immediately picks up the 1/2 CAR near $450 but then runs into LAT trouble. Second, Earlene has caught the first letter of this puzzle (T), but then says E for error. Third, Jessi picks up the Pilot cash tag w/ an R. Once she cleans out the vowels...

T R O _ I _ A LI _ L A N _
O A _ I _

She pockets another $1,650 plus a $7,140 trip to the TROPICAL ISLAND OASIS of St. Lucia at the St. James' Club for a total of $8,790 that round.

SOLE DUD: E (Earlene)
LAT: Peter

Pre-Tossup #3 Scores
Jessi: $9,790 cash and trip
Peter: $2,450
Earlene: $7K


_ H _ / S I _ V E R
S _ R F E _

Peter gets THE SILVER SURFER to move to $5,450.


Two N's get him started (a null cycle might have been cut at that point) followed by I and O purchases, but the O is the only bad vowel of this puzzle. Earlene secondly inserts two G's, and it's speed-up mode time...

_ _ _ I N G / _ N_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / G _ _ _ _

...w/ the leftover consonants worth $1,600 each.

_ _ _ I N G / _ N
_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ / G _ _ S S

Peter isn't watching the board carefully as he says TAKING AN ESTIMATED GUESS; that might cost him $3,700.

_ _ _ I N G / _ N
_ _ U _ _ T _ _ / G U _ S S

Earlene' just misses it w/ TAKING AN EDUCATED GUESS at the buzzer. Jessi then lights up the D's...

_ _ _ I N G / _ N
_ D U _ _ T _ D / G U _ S S

...and she's MAKING AN EDUCATED GUESS for another $4,800.

AIRED DUDS:Before Final Spin: O (Peter)
Afterwards: L (Earlene)
DQs: 2 (Peter and Earlene's missolves

Jessi: $14,590 cash and trip
Peter: $5,450
Earlene: $7K

: $27,040


$100,000 Bonus Round
This week's vehicle is a Mustang Convertible. Jessi takes the I envelope of AMERICA'S.

Category: THING
30% of this puzzle is given for free...

S _ _ R _
_ _ _ _ E

CDHA is her combination...

S H A R _
_ _ A _ E

...but SHARP SHAPE is definitely wrong. She doesn't provide the SHARP IMAGE for $45K, so she's sent home w/ $14,590 cash and trip.

$5K SPIN ID: JR8330215

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