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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wheel of Fortune Recap: November 8, 2012


Opening Flashback Clip (1998 during "British Isles Week"): After a contestant won a Land Rover in the Bonus Round, his wife ran down and jumped on him

To wrap up this four-episode week, we're on the set of "Fun & Fit" where somebody could win that cheap FIAT 500c.

$1,000 Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ S M A _ _ _
_ _ R T H / D A K _ _ A

Kim locates BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA. The last solo players of the week are...

Kim Crown: property manager for a worldwide company that manages apartments from Sherwood, OR
Felicia Gretah: pre-med student by day and a bartender by night from Hollywood, FL
Nick Dietz: training to be a craps dealer at a casino and a recent graduate of Ohio State Univ. (turf-grass science) who wants to be a golf course superintendent from Cleveland

$2,000 Tossup: PERSON

_ E _ U L _ R
C U _ T O M _ R

Felicia acts like a REGULAR CUSTOMER.

FEATURED TRIP: Ireland from Aer Lingus Vacation store worth $5,500

Jackpot Round: FOOD AND DRINK

Felicia leads off w/ an S and a $2,500 T. But after some vowel purchases, she BANKRUPTS near $650 to lose the $2,900 remainder. Secondly, Nick takes three N's and O's (the latter came from FP), but nothing more from an R. Third, Kim lights up three D's for $2,100, but that amount gets taken right back by the other normal BANKRUPT. After Felicia falls victim to the same BANKRUPT she got before, Nick says two Z's...

O N E / D O Z E N
_ _ A Z E D
D O _ _ _ N _ T S

...and smells Krispy Kreme's ONE DOZEN GLAZED DOUGHNUTS for $3,250.

: R (Nick)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Felicia 2x, Kim)

Pre-Round 2 Scores
Kim: $1K
Felicia: $2K
Nick: $3,250


Mystery Round: OCCUPATION

Nick immediately picks up the Wild Card w/ an R but can't find any S's. Kim secondly calls for two T's on the Mystery Wedge next to the MDW and turns down the $2K offer...for her second BANKRUPT this evening. Third, Felicia sees an N and two I's appear, but next is a bad E purchase. After Nick strikes out again w/ F, Kim BANKRUPTS next to top dollar (her third one overall). Back in control, Felicia puts up three L's and a B...

_ _ T / _ I R
B _ L L _ _ N
_ I L _ T

...before solving HOT AIR BALLOON PILOT for $3,150.

DUDS: S (Nick), E (Felicia), F (Nick)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (both by Kim)

Pre-Round 3 Scores
Kim: $1K
Felicia: $5,150
Nick: $3,250
+ WC

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (1984): PERSON
This woman picked the magic six (NTRLSE in that order)...

_ _ L E
_ _ R T E R

...and correctly solved composer COLE PORTER for a new Mazda.



Kim instantly hits the roadblock of R. Second, Felicia picks off three T's and seven E's. Two spins after that, she spots three $3,500 S's. Much later, she picks up the HomeGoods gift tag w/ a P. But after a ton of work, she says a MAJOR DUD of M. Afterwards, Nick gives up that WC to the BANKRUPT near top dollar...

_ O _ / T O / T H E
F I S H E S / I N
T H E / D E E P
B L U E / S E A

...allowing Kim to solve Three Dog Night's "JOY TO THE FISHES IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA" for a $5,700 trip to The Mill Resort & Suites in ARUBA. Felicia's late error deprives her of $22,100 cash and prizes in that round alone.

: R (Kim), M (Felicia)

Pre-Tossup #3 Scores 

Kim: $6,700 cash and Aruba
Felicia: $5,150
Nick: $3,250


$3,000 Tossup: AROUND THE HOUSE

C L O S _ _
_ _ G A N _ Z _ R

Kim solves CLOSET ORGANIZER to move to $9,700.

Round 4: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (full $6,000 speed-up!)

B _ R _ _ N G / _ _ / T _ _
W R _ N G / T R _ _

Kim's BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE for $30K and the big win!

SOLE DUD: S (Nick)

Kim: $39,700 cash and Aruba
$3,250 + WC

TOTAL BANKRUPT TRASH (WC not included): $5K


$100,000 Bonus Round
Kim lands on the &.

Category: THING
1/3 of this one is given for free...

_ _ N _ _
R _ N _

GCDI lights up besides the obvious G...

_ I N _ _

She'll be showing off her PINKY RING in the FIAT ($21,950), meaning we have a FOUR-EPISODE BR SWEEP! Her final total tonight is $66,650 cash and prizes while Rebuilding Together has reached $145K!

We definitely made the most of this four-episode span as a total of $298,014 in cash and prizes went out the door!

$5K SPIN ID: EB2650154

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