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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WOF Retro Recap: January 25, 2012


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ P A N _ _ N _
T H E / _ _ O _ E

Precious knows that this show's SPANNING THE GLOBE. Wednesday's winner wannabes...

Precious Haines: security manager from Manhattan Beach, CA
Cheryl Baker: grandma married to Steve w/ their own basketball team (four children and three stepkids) from Hernando, MS
Billy Irwin: specialty representative for a pharmaceutical company and a nephew of Francis Scott Key from Cabot, AR

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ _ _ C _ / _ N I O N
_ _ _ _

Billy tastes some FRENCH ONION SOUP.

FEATURED TRIP: Peru from g worth $7,298

Jackpot Round: EVENT

A T for tour gets him started, but he's gotta give it right back to the BANKRUPT near the WC. Second, Precious FPs two E's, picks up the green 1/2 KIA w/ five N's, calls up two Jackpot L's, and buys the rest of the vowels. Following two S's for the other 1/2 KIA...

A N N U A L / S A L E S
_ O N _ E N T I O N

...the corporate people of said auto manufacturer at their next ANNUAL SALES CONVENTION will be talking about how this show gave away another $15K Soul; that was an $18,500 round for her!


Scores after R1
Precious: $19,500 cash & Soul/Cheryl: $0/Bily: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Our big leader begins w/ three N's via the MW next to the MDW. She turns down the $3K offer...for the big money! But after her next picks of a $300 T and an E buy is the LaT. Second, Cheryl puts in two S's for $600, three A's, a D for the WC, and the last vowel of I. After a $350 B...

S _ _ I T

...she spots some BANANA SPLIT ENDS for the house minimum.

SOLE LaT: Precious

Scores after R2
Precious: $19,500 cash & Soul/Cheryl: $1K WC/Bily: $2K


PP Round: FUN & GAMES 

Cheryl, who just got on the board in the last round, begins this one w/ three T's for $1,200 but then a baddie of F. Second, Billy inserts four N's for $3,600, buys seven A's and two I's, puts up a $500 S and a $400 D, and buys an O, then coming his way next are a $1K pair of R's, a $600 L, but then the other normal BANKRUPT to wipe out $5,350. That opens the door for Precious...

T A _ I N _ / A N
I S L A N D / T O _ R
_ _ / _ A T A _ A R A N

...she'll be TAKING AN ISLAND TOUR BY CATAMARAN during her stay at The Westin ST. MAARTEN Dawn Beach Resort & Spa w/ travel worth $8,265.

SOLE DUD: F (Cheryl)

Scores after R3
Precious: $27,765 cash & prizes/Cheryl: $1K WC/Bily: $2K



R _ _ E R T
D _ _ _ E Y / _ R .

Billy solves "Iron Man" actor ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. to make his $2K become $5K.

Round 4: QUOTATION (full $1,300 speed-up)

After he puts up the M...

_ L L / R _ _ _ S
L _ _ _ / T _ / R _ M _

...he says "ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME" for $3,900 more.

DUDS: N (Precious), H (Cheryl)

Precious: $27,765 cash & prizes/Cheryl: $1K/Bily: $8,900

GT: $37,665
BANKRUPT TRASH: $12,648 cash & Peru


$100K Bonus Round
The BW stops on the I of SPIN at the last second.

Category: THING
Hmm, I wonder what the first word could be?...

_ R E _ _ _ _ S
_ _ R _ _

CPGA is a great combination, because we now have...

P R E C _ _ _ S
C A R G _ 

...well, what are the odds of somebody's first name appearing in a puzzle like this one? Anyway, she wins $35K in PRECIOUS CARGO for a total of $62,765 cash & prizes!


WOF Retro Recap: January 24, 2012


$1K Tossup: ON  THE MAP

D _ B _ _ N
I _ E L A _ D

Kristen locates DUBLIN, IRELAND. From left to right, here are...

Kristen Smith: 5th grade teacher at Grover ES from Milton, MA
Margie Bannister: administrative assistant from St. Louis
LaBarron Edwards: personal financial coach and football fan from Stone Mountain, GA (orig. from Brooklyn)

$2K Tossup: TV TITLE

_ _ _ / I / _ _ T
Y _ _ _ / M _ T _ _ R

Kristen's two for two w/ "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" (it ended its run at the very end of March 2014).

FEATURED TRIP: Tallinn, Estonia worth $6,500

Jackpot Round: LANDMARK

Here she goes w/ a $500 D, two T's for the WC, two H's for the Estonia trip, two E's, and a Jackpot  F. We now have...

T H E / _ _ E _ T / _ _ _ _
_ F / _ H _ N _

...she solves THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA for $750, the trip, and a $6K pot, giving her $13,250 in that round alone!


Scores after R1
Kristen: $16,250 cash & Estonia WC/Margie & LaBarron: $0 apiece



Margie'sup first w/ the frontloading $300 T, a $400 H, an O, three E's, a $300 M, two A's, and the rest of the vowels. She follows up w/ three N's for $2,400, a $450 C, a $300 K, a $3,500 D, three R's for another $1800, and an L while on the MW near the MDW. Believe it or not, she's taking an $8,450 gamble...and it doesn't pay off. LaBarron then puts up an and two Y's at $500 a pop...

S A _ Y E R / A N D
H U C K L E _ E R R Y
_ I N N

...he solves TOM SAWYER AND HUCKLEBERRY FINN for $1,500.


Scores after R2
Kristen: $16,250 cash & Estonia WC/Margie: ZERO/LaBarron: $1,500



The man at the end gets going w/ two L's for a grand, four E's and three A's, two S's for $600, and the rest of the vowel departing before he gets the MDW's left side to lose the remaining $350. Kristen secondly has three N's for $2,700, but then the LaT . Third, Margie puts up a $900 trio of T's and the SL of five P's for three grand...

P I _ T U _ E S _ U E

...but she blows the pronunciation of the first word of PICTURESQUE PINEAPPLE PLANTATION ("picture-skay"), so LeBarron capitalizes and wins a $5,065 Hotwire trip to the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort & Spa in HI.

SOLE LaT: Kristen
SOLE DQ: Margie's blown solve

Scores after R3
Kristen: $16,250 cash & Estonia WC/Margie: BAD SHAPE/LaBarron: $6,565 cash & HI


$3K Tossup: EVENT

B _ _ _ _ L
_ H O _ _ _

Kristen sweeps 'em w/ BRIDAL SHOWER.

Round 4: AROUND THE HOUSE (full $1,500 speed-up)

After starting w/ a T...

_ _ _ _ _ _ - T _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _

...she just pulled a Caitlin Burke by solving COFFEE-TABLE BOOK!

PR #2!

Kristen: $20,750 cash & Estonia WC/Margie: DESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG/LaBarron: $6,565 cash & HI

GT: $28,315


$100K Bonus Round
The Bonus Wheel stops her on the C at the last split-second.

Category: THING
Here's some end letters...

_ / _ _ _ E T
_ _ _ E N T

CDMA and P put in besides the obvious...

A / _ _ _ E T
M _ M E N T

...but this is A QUIET MOMENT and NOT a GREAT one according to her -- she's the second straight $35K loser.


WOF Retro Recap: January 23, 2012


$1K Tossup: THING

C O _ P A S S
N E E _ _ _

This COMPASS NEEDLE leads Katy to the money, and let's meet our first panel of the week...

Katy Beirne: HS biology teacher for CAVA from Claremont, CA
Melanie Zapata: studio manager for a fashion photography studio from Kearny, NJ
Mike Liard: industry analyst/consultant, tennis player and TV junkie from Bellingham, MA


A / _ _ S _ / _ F
F L O _ E R _

Mike's got the dough from A VASE OF FLOWERS.

FEATURED TRIP: Cragan Palace Kempinski in Istanbul worth $9,300

Jackpot Round: PHASE (globe wipe)

He leads off w/ three T's for $7,500, three E's, two R's for another $1,200, and three Jackpot  N's, then he buys three A's, lights up two H's and three G's for another $500 a pop, and we have...

_ A _ T E R / T H A N
G R E A _ E _
_ _ G H T N _ N G

...this puzzle solve of his might not be FASTER THAN GREASED LIGHTNING, but he's won $12,200!


Scores after R1
Mike: $14,200/Katy: $1K/Melanie: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Katy's first letters this episode are two N's for $800 but then a bad vowel of O. Second, Melanie fits in two S's for $900, double A's, a $400 D, and R for the Turkish vacation, and two L's for that MDW. Following an I buy...

_ R A _ I L
N _ _ S
A N D / _ _ L _ S

...she solves BRAZIL NUTS AND BOLTS for $10,100 cash & Turkey.

SOLE DUD: O (Katy)

Scores after R2
Mike: $14,200/Katy: $1K/Melanie: $10,100 cash & Turkey MDW


PP Round: FUN & GAMES 

Melanie kicks things off w/ a FP dud of E, a $500 S but then the BANKRUPT near the WC to let that amount and her MDW disappear. Second, Mike puts up a $900 T, an A, four N's for $1,200, and five I's, but he then BANKRUPTS the same way to forfeit $1,600. Third, Katy wastes a spin w/ the other BANKRUPT, so Melanie calls up three G's for $900 and two O's to clean out the vowels. After those picks are two R's for the green 1/2 KIA, two M's for $1,800 more, and a solve attempt...

I N _ I G O R A T I N G
M O R N I N G / S _ I M

...she wins another $3,450 and will take an INVIGORATING MORNING SWIM during her stay at the Windjammer Landing in ST. LUCIA courtesy of worth $5,640.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (everybody)

Scores after R3 
Mike: $14,200/Katy: $1K/Melanie: $19,190 cash & trips


$3K Tossup: LANDMARK

_ I N G / _ _ T ' S
_ O _ B

Mike solves KING TUT'S TOMB to get closer to the lead.

Round 4: EVENT

First from him are a $5K S, two E's, but then T for terrible while on TD again. Katy secondly calls up four N's for $2K, two I's, and a $300 V, then we have...

_ N N I V E _ S _ _ _
_ I N N E _

...she solves ANNIVERSARY DINNER for another $2,050. 

SOLE DUD: T (Mike) 

Scores after R4
Mike: $17,200/Katy: $3,050/Melanie: $19,190 cash & trips


Said middle player loses control right away w/ N for no. Second, Melanie BANKRUPTS the same way she did before. Third, Mike puts up a $900 T before we hear the S-U bell...

_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _

...and the remaining consonants are worth $1,350 apiece. He next calls the twin R's...

_ _ _ _ _ _
_ R R _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _

...but he gets buzzed just as he starts saying the correct title, so he may have to kiss $3,600 and the win goodbye. Katy then calls the B...

_ _ _ _ _ _
_ R R _ _ _ _ T _ B _ _

...and solves Robert Palmer's "SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE".

SOLE DUD (before S-U): N (Katy)

Mike: $17,200/Katy: $4,400/Melanie: $19,190 cash & trips

GT: $40,790
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW): $2,100


$100K Bonus Round
The FIAT 500c we saw from "Fun & Fit" is back again for this week (this one's in red instead of yellow). Melanie lands on the E of AMERICA'S.

Category: PHRASE
They last used this puzzle on their Dallas road trip (and it was miscategorized under THING)...

T _ _ _ _ / _ _ T
_ _ _ R

MCPO is of limited help...

T O _ _ _ / _ _ T
_ _ _ R

...and she loses the $35K on a TOUGH BUT FAIR puzzle.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

WOF Retro Recap: January 20, 2012 -- BR SHUTOUT ALERT #6

Please don't tell me we're about to set a new RECORD-WORST in the modern era of this show. So far, a pathetic $97,076 went out the door. The current record-holder is the one from S24, "Weekend in New England", w/ $124,350.


$1K Tossup: RHYME TIME

T _ _ / _ _ _ E / O F
_ _ E / _ A M _

THE NAME OF THE GAME is "Wheel of Fortune", and Amanda solves this one to be interviewed first...

Amanda Dubin: sports broadcasting major who recently got accepted to Columbia University and also serves at a downtown restaurant Al Capone used to go to from Chicago (orig. from Highland Park, UL)
David Verschoor: restaurant GM who jumped out of an airplane three times so far in his life from L.A. (born in CHI)
Casey Larkin: project mgr. for a health care software firm who went backpacking in Europe once from Madison, WI (originally from Chi-town as well)

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

T _ _ R _ Z E
A R _ _ _ _

Casey solves TRAPEZE ARTIST.

FEATURED PARADISE: $7,800 Cuan Law boat ride through the British Virgin Islands from Hotwire

Jackpot Round: FOOD & DRINK

The first letters from here are three R's for $1,650, but then a baddie of T. Second, Amanda calls up a $600 L, an N for the spawish gift tag, four E's, and an A, then she puts in three B's for another $900, a TD Y, a $300 K, and three F's for another $1,800...

F R E _ _ - B A K E _
B L _ E B E R R Y
_ _ F F _ N _

...she eats some FRESH-BAKED BLUEBERRY MUFFINS for another $6,700 cash and gift certificate.

SOLE DUD: T (Casey)

Scores after R1
Casey: $2K/Amanda: $7,700 cash & GT/David: $0


Mystery Round: TV QUOTE 

Amanda leads off this big one w/ five T's for $2,750, but then the BANKRUPT near the WC. David's first letters this episode are three H's for $900, four E's, but then S for sorry. Third for Casey are a $600 pair of R's, two L's for the cruise, and twin I's. What you're about to see now will bring back bad memories for you long-time viewers...

T H E / T H R I L L
_ _ / _ I _ T _ R _
_ _ _ / T H E / _ _ _ _ _
_ _ / _ E _ E _ T

...this Jim McKay quote triggered the worst one-round maingame loss in the history of this program back in '85 ($62,400 to be exact), but she exactly recites "THE THRILL OF VICTORY AND THE AGONY OF DEFEAT" for $8,150 in cash & cruise.

SOLE DUD: S (David)

Scores after R2
Casey: $10,150 cash & cruise/Amanda: $7,700 cash & GT/David: NOTHING

Well, at least we won't set a new modern low...



David's first w/ an $800 pair of N's, two A's, three FP E's, but then D for dud while on the blue 1/2 KIA. Casey next puts up two C's for $1,200 and a $300 Q...

_ _ N _
Q _ E E N
_ A C _

...she solves ACE, KING, QUEEN (and) JACK for $1,500 plus a $6K trip to the New York New York Hotel & Casino in VEGAS.

SOLE DUD: D (David)

Scores after R3
Casey: $17,650 cash & trips/Amanda: $7,700 cash & GT/David: NIL



_ R O C _ _ _ _ E S

Casey gets CROCODILES to go over $20K.

Round 4: PERSON

Two T's for $1,100 get her going, but the R ends her turn just as quick. Amanda secondly inserts a $15K trio of S's, an E, four A's, and an $1,800 pair of L's...

_ A S T - T A L _ _ _ _
S A L E S _ A _

...she solves FAST-TALKING SALESMAN for $16,300 and the lead!

SOLE DUD: R (Casey)

Scores after R4
Casey: $20,650 cash & trips/Amanda: $24K cash & GT/David: STILL NOTHING

Round 5: PHRASE 

Amanda instantly LaTs out. David secondly puts up three T's for $1,800, a $1K pair of S's, three I's, and two L's to add $1,600...

I T ' S / _ L L / I _
T _ _ / _ _ I S T

...he says "IT'S ALL IN THE WRIST" to finally get off the schneid w/ $4,150.

SOLE LaT: Amanda

Scores after R5
Casey: $20,650 cash & trips/Amanda: $24K cash & GT/David: $4,150

Round 6: WAYD? (full $1,400 speed-up)

After the man buys two O's for for free...

_ O S _ N _ / F O R
_ _ _ T _ R _ S

...he'll be POSING FOR PICTURES following this $2,800 solve.

SOLE DUD: L (Amanda)

Casey: $20,650 cash & trips/Amanda: $24K cash & GT/David: $6,950

GT: $51,600


$100K Bonus Round
Amanda lands on the N of WIN.

Category: EVENT
I know the second word already...

_ _ _ _ _
_ _ R T _

PCMI does for her...

P I _ _ _
P _ R T _

...but she WON'T be throwing a PIZZA PARTY w/ the extra $45K, so we have our THIRD OFFICIAL BR SHUTOUT of the season.


WOF Retro Recap: January 19, 2012


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

E N _ L _ S S
S _ M _ _ _

Felix solves ENDLESS SUMMER, also a title of a theme week to start S26. Now playing...

Felix Perea: bakery manufacturer plant worker for local grocery chain from Thornton, CO
Dana Wyatt: secretary at local school district's special education testing center from Hickory, KY
Jessica Learn: recent graduate from Linfield College who majored in both communication/theater arts who just finished performing in a touring educational play related to hunger for middle schoolers from S.F.

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ A Y _ O N A
_ _ _ _ _

Felix triples up w/ DAYTONA BEACH.

FEATURED PARADISE: Australian Tour from Brendan Vacations w/ Hotwire travel worth $8,190


Felix opens up w/ two T's and an H at $2,500 a pop, three E's and A's, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to forfeit $7K. Second, Dana picks up the RITZ Camera & Image gift tag w/ an N, calls up a $1,200 R duo, but then buys the sole dud vowel of O. Third, Jessica FPs the last vowel of U, lights up a $600 pair of S's, but then falls victim to the MDW's right side. Felix next puts up a $600 pair of P's...

S P E _ T A _ U _ A R
S P I _ E R - _ A N

...and solves THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER MAN for the other $400.

SOLE DUD: O (Dana)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (her opponents)

Scores after R1
Jessica: ZERO/Felix: $4K/Dana: ZERO


Mystery Round: SAME NAME 

Dana's picked up the blue 1/2 KIA right away w/ two T's, but she LOSES A TURN just as quick. Second, Jessica plugs in a D for the Australian tour, two N's for $600, three A's, and an O, followed by a $300 S, an I, an $800 R, and the last vowels of two E's and U's. We now have...

_ U E S T I O N / A N D
B E A U T _
_ A R _

...she solves QUESTION AND BEAUTY MARK (the second part's a bonus puzzle from S27) for a total of $8,640 cash & trip.

SOLE LaT: Dana

Scores after R2
Jessica: $8,640 cash & Australia/Felix: $4K/Dana: NADA



Current leader Jessica begins w/ a $550 N but then her second BANKRUPT of the game, courtesy of the one near the WC. Second, Felix FPs all five vowels (three E's, an A, an I, a dud of U and an O, calls up a $1,600 pair of T's, but the LaT gets him. Dana then goes for a trip of her own...

_ I _ _ / T I _ E / A N _
_ O _ / T I _ E

...she solves HIGH TIDE AND LOW TIDE for a trip to the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in ST. THOMAS worth $5,456.

SOLE DUD: U (Felix)
SOLE LaT: Felix

Scores after R3
Jessica: $8,640 cash & Australia/Felix: $4K/Dana: $5,456 St. Thomas trip


$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

F _ _ I N G
_ / _ _ T _

Jessica's FLYING A KITE to break five figures.

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK

First from her are an $800 S, two A's, a $600 T, and three E's, but the other normal BANKRUPT cleans her out of $900. That's her third and final one of the night, because we're now going into Speed-Up Mode...

_ _ _ _ E E / _ _ T _
_ _ E A _ / & / S _ _ A _

...and the leftover consonants are worth $1,400 apiece. Two F's are put up by Ms. White...

_ _ F F E E / _ _ T _
_ R E A _ / & / S _ _ A R

...Dana drinks a cup of COFFEE WITH CREAM & SUGAR for $2,800.

Jessica: $11,640 cash & Australia/Felix: $4K/Dana: $8,256 cash & St. Thomas

GT: $23,896


$100K Bonus Round: PHRASE
Jessica's got the G envelope.

Category: PHRASE
This looks easy on paper...

T _ _
_ R _ _ R _ T _

MBPA gives her two of a hot consonant...

T _ P
P R _ _ R _ T _

...she gets the first word but then crashes and burns w/ TIP PROPERTY. Our TOP PRIORITY of ending a long BR losing streak is not fulfilled, and she loses the $30K.


WOF Retro Recap: January 18, 2012


$1K Tossup: PLACE

S _ N _ _ A S S E S
_ _ O P

Linda solves SUNGLASSES SHOP. The midweek panel looks like this...

Linda Ferrill: administrative assistant for an auto supply company on Cape Cod from Sandwich, MA
Duane Blank: Chicago convention center worker and bass guitar player who owns 600+ records at home from Homer Glen, IL
Chantal Doucet-Brice: graduate student at Southern Arkansas University who's pursuing a Master's Degree in both arts of teaching for secondary English and in Education for School Counseling as well as a Canadian crocheterfrom Magnolia, AR (orig. from New Brunswick, Canada


G _ T / I _ _ O
_ H E / G _ _ _ V E

Chantal solves Madonna's "GET INTO THE GROOVE".

FEATURED PARADISE: JW Marriott Ihilani Jo Olina Resort, Hotel & Spa in OAHU from Hotwire worth $6,110

Jackpot Round: PERSON

She kicks off w/ a $600 T, two S's to triple up, a $500 L, a Jackpot N, and her first vowels of five E's and three A's. Those are followed by three R's for another $1,500, a G for yet another $500, two I's, and a $400 P before we look at...

A / P R I _ A T E
E _ E / S E A R _ _ I N G
_ _ R / _ L _ E S

...she proves to be A PRIVATE EYE SEARCHING FOR CLUES, so she's won another $4,450.


Scores after R1
Linda: $1K/Duane: $0/Chantal: $6,450


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The first letters from Linda are two T's for $600, but then a bad vowel of I. Second, Duane says S for sorry while on the MW near LaT. Third, Chantal picks up the Hawaii trip w/ three R's and the green 1/2 KIA w/ two H's, but she's gonna have to say a sad Aloha to $7,110 cash & trip because she's BANKRUPTED near TD. Linda next says N for another negative while Duane has a run-in w/ the other normal BANKRUPT, so we're coming right back to Chantal who FPs five E's and SPINGLES for a $600 C...

_ R . / _ _ T A T _
H E A _
C H E E R _ E A _ E R

...she imagines a MR. POTATO HEAD CHEERLEADER for the house minimum.

DUDS: I (Linda), S (Dune), N (Linda)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Chantal, Duane)

Scores after R2
Linda: $1K/Duane: NOTHING/Chantal: $7,450



The scoreless Duane begins w/ an S for the WC, two F's for $600, two A's, and four O's, followed by a $300 D, three E's, but then R for roadblock. Second for Chantal are an $1,800 T trio, a $300 L, but then the BANKRUPT next to where Duane got the WC to forfeit $2,100 Linda then goes for the mystery trip...

A / _ E T T L E
O F / S E A F O O D
_ _ _ _ O

...she'll likely order A KETTLE OF SEAFOOD GUMBO on the $5K trip to the Bienville House in NEW ORLEANS.

SOLE DUD: R (Duane)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Chantal (2nd so far)

Scores after R3
Linda: $6K cash & N.O./Duane: STILL ZIP/Chantal: $7,450



F _ _ _ _ G N
_ _ B _ _ S _ _ _ R

Duane solves FOREIGN AMBASSADOR to finally get on the scoreboard.

Round 4: PHRASE

First from him are two T's (one to start each line) for $1,800, five E's, a $1K H pairing, but then a bad vowel in A. Chantal next puts up a $600 pair of M's, but it's Speed-Up Mode time...

T H E / M _ _ E
T H E / M E _ _ _ E _

...the last consonant is worth $1,800 each time it appears. She calls that in the form of four R's...

T H E / M _ R E
T H E / M E R R _ E R

...THE MORE THE MERRIER, she's right to seal the deal w/ another $7,800.

SOLE DUD (before bell): A (Duane) 

Linda: $6K cash & N.O./Duane: $3K/Chantal: $15,250

GT: $24,250
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $9,210 cash & HI


$100K Bonus Round
Chantal spins up the E in AMERICA'S.

For starters...

_ _ N _
_ R _ _ E R

CDMA gives her at least the second word...

_ _ N _
D R A _ E R

...but no help on top dooms her; the $45K gets buried deep into this JUNK DRAWER.


WOF Retro Recap: January 17, 2012


$1K Tossup: EVENT

_ _ _ _ E _
_ _ R / _ _ O

Christy's won the money that's good for a DINNER FOR TWO. Tuesday's threesome...

Christy Medley: middle school math/science teacher who's been playing crochet ever since reading Vanna's book about that sport from Santa Monica (orig. from Spruce Pine, NC)
Carla Victum: House of Representatives aide & party gal from Quincy, MA
Bill Newberry: musician and theater teacher from Lilburn, GA


_ _ N N _ S
_ _ _ C _

Christy isn't a TENNIS COACH, but she's tripled up.

FEATURED PARADISE: Belize's Maruba Resort Jungle Spa worth $7,720


She starts w/ a $1,100 pair of S's, but gives it right back to the BANKRUPT near the WC. Second, Carla calls up a $600 N and a $300 D, buys an A, lights up two R's, but then repeats the N while on the RITZ Camera & Image gift tag. Third, Bill puts in two M's for $1,100, two E's, a $500 H for the blue 1/2 KIA, but then loses $1,350 and the plate to the same BANKRUPT. After Christy BANKRUPTS on the other normal one, Carla takes twin T's for $1,800 but LaTs out. Bill then calls up an $1,800 trio of G's...

_ E R M _ T
T H E / _ R _ G / A N D
M _ S S / _ _ G G _

...he IDs KERMIT THE FROG AND MISS PIGGY to keep that amount.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (Christy 2x, Bill)
SOLE LaT: Carla
SOLE DQ: Carla's N repeat

Scores after R1
Bill: $1,800/Christy: $3K/Carla: $0


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER 

Carla first picks up the same 1/2 KIA Bill lost w/ two N's, a $450 G, and two semi-obvious I's, followed by a $300 R, the SL of six T's for the WC...

T _ N T _ _ I _ I N G
T _ _ T _
T R _ _ T _

...and her correct response of TANTALIZING TASTY TREATS for $1,500.


Scores after R2
Bill: $1,800/Christy: $3K/Carla: $1,500 + WC



Bill's first letters here are three T's for $1,800, two E's, three H's for another $1,500, four O's and D for dummy. After Christy LaTs out...

O _ _ / _ E _ _ H _ O _ _
T O / T H E / _ O _ T H

...Carla will be visiting OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH, which is the $6K TOUR OF THE CANADIAN ROCKIES.

SOLE DUD: D (Bill)
SOLE LaT: Christy

Scores after R3
Bill: $1,800/Christy: $3K/Carla: $7,500 cash & tour + WC


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

C _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ Y
N _ _ _ _ _

Bill quickly locates CARSON CITY, NEVADA for second place at $4,800.

Round 4: WAYD?

He leads off w/ the obvious (a $600 G, two N's to double up, and the I), an O, a $1,650 T trio, and two E's. But after a $900 H is the sole dud vowel of U. Christy secondly puts up a $900 P, two A's to clean out the vowels, a $500 S. After FPing a dud of R, she BANKRUPTS near TD for the second time tonight to fork over $1,150 (it's also her third overall). Following Carla's dud of D, Bill puts up the $900 K and a $300 C...

P A T T I N G / _ _ S E _ _
O N / T H E / B A C K

...he's not PATTING MYSELF ON THE BACK, but he's taken the lead w/ another $3,950.

DUDS: U (Bill), R (Christy), D (Carla)

Scores after R4
Bill: $8,750/Christy: $3K/Carla: $7,500 cash & tour + WC

Round 5: PHRASE (full $1,800 speed-up)

After two H's get called up...

T H _ / T _ _ _
H _ _ / _ _ _ _

...THE TIME HAS COME for Carla to win this game w/ another $3,600.

Bill: $8,750/Christy: $3K/Carla: $11,100 cash & tour + WC

GT: $22,850
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding 1/2 KIA): $3,600


$100K Bonus Round
Carla gets the M envelope of GAME.

Category: THING
Let's see some end letters...

_ _ _ T
_ _ _ _ _ E R

DPMA doesn't work at all, but there is one H...

_ _ _ T
_ _ _ _ H E R

...she will NOT be exchanging this GIFT VOUCHER for the keys to the Miata.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

WOF Retro Recap: January 16, 2012

Last season, we had a BR shutout on this particular week of the year. Let's hope it doesn't happen this season as we start "Pure Paradise".  


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

T O O / _ _ O _ / T O
B _ / _ R _ _

Ricky's solve here isn't TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, but good enough  to be interviewed first... 

Ricky DeSisto: workshop supervisor for a non-profit program that helps special-needs adults who also performs community theater from Revere, WA
Carrie Bishop: instructional designer at the University of Georgia married to from Athens, GA
Steven Simmons: local hospital marketer who also goes bowling from Sherwood, AR (orig. from Pine Bluff, AR)

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ L T _ _ T E R
_ _ _ F _

Carrie eats some SALTWATER TAFFY for control.

FEATURED PARADISE: $7,200 MSC Mediterranean Cruise from Hotwire

Jackpot Round: WAYD?

The sole lady on the panel gets started w/ three G's for $1,650, three E's, and a dud vowel of A while on FP, then she puts in a $300 N, a $550 V, three T's for $1,800 more and three E's. We now have...

G I V I N G / I T
T _ E / _ _ _
_ _ _ _ E G E / T _ _

...she's GIVING IT THE OLD COLLEGE TRY for $3,800.


Scores after R1
Carrie: $5,800/Steven: $0/Ricky: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Steven's first spin is a waste because of the BANKRUPT near the WC. Second, Ricky puts in two S's for $1,200 but then gets the exact same fate. Third, Carrie calls up two T's for her own $1,200, two A's, two R's for $900 more, three E's, and two O's before she...

_ _ _ T O R _ A ' S
S E _ R E T
_ E A _ O _

...shows off her VICTORIA'S SECRET WEAPON for another $1,350.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (men)

Scores after R2
Carrie: $7,150/Steven: NOTHING/Ricky: $1K



Ricky instantly gets the other normal BANKRUPT. Second, Carrie takes a $3,500 S but then buys the sole dud vowel of E. Third, Steven inserts a $450 T, but he and Ricky both say a dud of H, so the man at the end gets DQed. Back to Carrie who BANKRUPTS next to the WC to forfeit the leftover $3,250. Steven next puts up two R's for $1,100, five A's, and four N's for another $14K. But after he buys the rest of the vowel department, he says a PATHETIC letter in P... 

T O N _ / A _ A R _
_ I N N I N _
_ R O A _ _ A _
_ U S I _ A _

...and Ricky will be seeing the TONY AWARD WINNING BROADWAY MUSICAL "Rock of Ages" during his stay at the The Westin NY At Times Square worth $5,780. Steven threw away a total of $20,330 in cash & trip for this round only.

DUDS: E (Carrie), H, P (both by Steven)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Ricky, Carrie)
SOLE DQ: Ricky's H repeat

Scores after R3
Carrie: $7,150/Steven: TERRIBLE SHAPE/Ricky: $6,780 cash & NYC


$3K Tossup: EVENT

_ _ Y C H _ C
R E A _ _ N _

Carrie just makes it in time w/ the right answer of PSYCHIC READING.

Round 4: PEOPLE

Her starters are an $800 N, two E's, a $900 S at the end, but then T for trap. Steven secondly BANKRUPTS next to the old WC spot. Third, Ricky inserts three R's for $1,800 but then buys a bad vowel of A. We quickly get back to him after a LaT landing by Carrie and Steven's dud of M, but he BANKRUPTS the same way Steven did to give back the $1,800; that's probably his third and final one of the night. Carrie then puts in an I, a $600 F, two O's, a $500 D, and $800 L, a $900 Y before we finally get to this...

_ O - _ O R _ E R S

...her FRIENDLY CO-WORKERS pay her another $3,750.

DUDS: T (Carrie), A (Ricky), M (Steven)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (men)

Scores after R4
Carrie: $13,900/Steven: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Ricky: $6,780 cash & NYC 

Round 5: THINGS (full $1,350 speed-up)

After Vanna puts up twin F's...

F R _ N _ _
B _ N _ F _ T S

...Steven finally gets off the schneid w/ $5,400 worth of FRINGE BENEFITS.

SOLE DUD: H (Ricky)

Carrie: $13,900/Steven: $5,400/Ricky: $6,780 cash & NYC  

GT: $26,080


$100K Bonus Round
The in-studio vehicle here is a Mazda MX-5 Miata. Carrie lands on the second A of AMERICA'S.

Category: PERSON
This 10-letter answer starts as...

_ _ R L _
_ _ _ _ _

BYDA adds to the mix...

_ _ R L D
_ _ A _ _

....but WORLD COACH is wrong. She doesn't prove to be a WORLD CHAMP of this game, so she loses $30K.


Idiot Alert -- Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor, whatever you send me (especially that technical win on the January 4, 2012 episode) is going to be automatically deleted before it even gets out into the wild, so don't even waste your time trying to change things to suit your needs. You are NOT the god of "Wheel of Fortune", and you have NO RIGHT to declare any technical wins on Bonus Round playings. NOT. GOING. TO HAPPEN. The producers will declare wins or losses, plain and simple. I will NOT put up w/ any delusional thoughts you send me so...GET LOST AND GET A LIFE.

Friday, July 18, 2014

WOF Retro Recap: January 13, 2012


We end the second AG week on the set of "Sandals Resorts Golf Getaway".

$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ O _ _ _ _ D _
_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ E

Brady quickly takes a bite of some HOMEMADE APPLE PIE. Two men on the panel to wrap up the week...

Brady Minter: in the final-year at USC law school who's newly engaged to Michelle (she was gooseeged when she smpeted) from L.A. (originally from Madison, WI)
Angela Balter: marketing/client service director for a country firm from Framingham, MA
Mark Macek automobile warranty salesman who has the nickname "Puff" from his time at Florida State University from Pompano Beach, FL


_ _ _ _ _ N G
L _ _ N S

Mark's not even close w/ FLYING LOONS while Brady gets quiets down these ROARING LIONS.

FEATURED TRIP: Greek Peek Mountain Resort Hope Lake Lodge & Indoor Waterpark in Cortland, NY from I SKI and Hotwire worth $5,880

Jackpot Round: OCCUPATION

He LaTs out instantaneously. Second, Angela hits the MDW's right part. Third, Mark calls up a $900 T, a $500 S for the blue 1/2 KIA, an E and two A's, two R's for another $600, and three O's before dudding out w/ L. Back to Brady who inserts two P's for $1,800 and five H's for the Beef Bucks debit card...

H _ _ H - _ A S H _ O _
P H O T O _ R A P H E R

...and he keeps 'em w/ his solve of HIGH-FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER.

SOLE DUD: L (Mark)
SOLE LaT: Brady

Scores after R1
Brady: $5,800 cash & card/Angela: $0/Mark: $0


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Angela leads off w/ a $500 T for the same 1/2 KIA, three E's, four L's for another $3,200 and two O's, but that same MDW BANKRUPT forces her to give back $3,200 and the plate. Second for Mark are a $300 S, an A, two B's for the WC, and two F's for another $1,600. Board right now...

B _ F F A L O / &
T E L E _ _ O _ E
B _ L L S

...BUFFALO & TELEPHONE BILLS are right for $1,650.


Scores after R2
Brady: $5,800 cash & card/Angela: ZERO/Mark: $1,650 + WC



Here goes Mark w/ a $1K T pairing, a $900 H trio, three E's, two L's, two A's, four O's, a U, three N's for the MDW and the last vowel of I...

_ O I N _ / T H E
H U L A / O N / T H E
_ A N _ E / _ L O O _

...he's won another $1,250 and may be DOING THE HULA ON THE DANCE FLOOR during his stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in HI valued at $6,715.


Scores after R3
Brady: $5,800 cash & card/Angela: ZILCH/Mark: $9,615 cash & trip + MDW + WC



C _ _ _ _ _ G
_ _ _

Brady turns on a CEILING FAN to be $815 off Mark's lead.


This guy's first letters are a $450 T, two W's and S's at $1K a pair, and a quick solve attempt...

W _ _ _ / _ _ _ / W _ S _
_ _ _ _ / _ / S T _ _

..."WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR" (from "Pinnochio) is right for another $2,450 and the outright lead.

PR #2!

Scores after R4
Brady: $11,250 cash & card/Angela: BUPKIS/Mark: $9,615 cash & trip + MDW + WC 

Round 5: PHRASE

First, Angela fills in a $300 T, two N's for another grand, two I's and three O's, and an $800 pair of G's...

G O I N G / O _ T
O N / _ / _ I _ _

...she's rightly GOING OUT ON A LIMB for her first $1,600.

PR #3!

Scores after R5
Brady: $11,250 cash & card/Angela: $1,600/Mark: $9,615 cash & trip + MDW + WC

Round 6: THING (full $1,300 speed-up)

After an R gets put up by Vanna...

T R _ _ H _
_ _ S _

...Mark doesn't know it for $2,600 and the win. But he gets a second chance after calling the C...

T R _ P H _
C _ S _

...he could be putting the super big one in his TROPHY CASE (if he owns one), because he's won the game w $3,900.

SOLE DUD: B for Brady

Brady: $11,250 cash & card/Angela: $1,600/Mark: $13,515 cash & trip + MDW + WC

GT: $26,365
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $3,200


Mark's magic moment might come from the first A of AMERICA'S.

Category: PERSON
Let's start this two word/one-liner...

_ _ L _ E N / _ _ _

It's GOLDEN ___. PDMA and H won't do him a whole lot of good...

_ _ L D E N / _ _ _

...but he gets it no sweat and is he the first-ever $1M GOLDEN BOY of the program?...

...NOT AT ALL -- we landed on that damn $30K all week long, so he's going back to sunny FL w/ $43,515 cash & trip.