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Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 14 Stats

For the record, a grand total of $636,921 has been given away to the contestants on the latest SSS.

Total this Week: $301,613
Total for the Season: $4,950,905
BR Win Record: 30-40 (.429)
Total Car Wins: 7
-1/2 Car: 6 (3 Ford Fiestas, 2 Nissa Versa Note Ss, 1 Chevrolet Spark)
-BR Car: 1 (Chevrolet Camaro)
Prize Wedge Wins: 21
Gift Tag Wins: 22
Mystery Wedge Wins: 6
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 23-9
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 11-12
$10K MW was next to LaT: 10
$10K MW was next to $800: 19
Express was Played-Passed: 17-2
-Successes: 9
-Crashes: 8
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 4 (3 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 10
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 43/23/0
5-Round Games: 8
6-Round Games: 0
Gooseegg Victims: 17
Red Winners: 22
Yellow Winners: 29
Blue Winners: 19
This Week's Bankrupt Trash: $16,600 / 2
WC / 3 ½ CAR / 1 MDW 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $477,146* / 21 WC / 31 ½ CAR / 7 MDW
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,600* (Sept. 16), $17,250 (Oct. 29), $15,690 (Nov. 28)        
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $27,630* (Sept. 18), $27,500 (Oct. 1), $24,100 (Oct. 16) 
Highest-Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $87,388 (Dec. 17), $70,900 (Sept. 29)
Lowest-Winning Totals: $13,410 (Dec. 16), $13,356 (Sept. 15), $11,000 (Sept. 18)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $63,524 (Nov. 27), $58,690 (Oct. 20), $57,888 (Dec. 17)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 0
$1M Bonus Rounds: 7

$32K: 23/49
$35K: 0/0
$40K: 2/7
$45K: 3/7
$50K: 0/0
$100K (or $1M): 1/2
CAR: 1/5

* includes prizes

WoF Recap: December 19, 2014 -- END OF SSS #4

For real, this is the last recap I'm giving you before I depart for Orlando. 


$1K Tossup: TITLE

_ H E / P _ _ _ R
_ _ _ R E _ _

Jamaal IDs "THE POLAR EXPRESS". The final Secret Santas of S32...

Jamaal Bailey: attorney from the Bronx
Christine Moeller: Cleveland St. associate athletic director from Parma Heights, OH
Allie Pirolli: does brand/consumer research & voiceover work from Cambridge, MA

$2K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ _ _ _ / O _
_ L L / A _ E S

KIDS OF ALL AGES enjoy seeing people win money on the show, especially when Jamaal has tripled up.


The letter search begins w/ three R's for the gift tag, four E's, and an O, a $600 T before he BANKRUPTS near $650 to lose $2,600 cash & GT. Second, Christine picks up the SS w/ two S's, buys two A's an I, lights up a $500 N and finishes off w/ two $700 C's...

C _ S T O _ E R
S E R _ I C E
_ A N A _ E R

...she knows there's at least one CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER working at Walmart, so she's jumped to an early lead w/ $9,900 cash & SS.


Christine: $9,900 cash & SS/Allie: $0/Jamaal: $3K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The lady near Pat kicks off w/ two T's for the 1/2 CAR near pink $(00, three E's and an A, a TD R, and three O's, followed by two S's for $1,800 more and two TD N's before she sees...

N E _ / _ O R _
S T O _ _
E _ _ _ A N _ E
O _ / _ _ _ T S

...she nails NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE OF GIFTS for another $12,550.


Christine: $22,450 cash & SS 1/2 CAR/Allie: $0/Jamaal: $3K


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Now finally getting a chance to hear from Allie, she first picks up the same 1/2 CAR w/ two S's but gets into trouble w/ the other normal BANKRUPT to lose the plate and $1K just as quick. Second, Jamaal spots two T's for a grand, four O's, four C's for $2K more and the leftover vowels of a U and five A's, then we see...

_ A _ A _ A S
C O C O _ U T S / A _ _
C _ O C O _ A T E

...him banking another $2,250 and he'll be feasting on BANANAS, COCONUTS AND CHOCOLATE on a hotwire trip to the Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa worth $6,950 (the graphic for the resort Jim described mistakenly showed Jamaica instead).


Christine: $22,450 cash & SS/Allie: HARD LUCK/Jamaal: $12,200 cash & trip 


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ L E _ S E D / A S
_ U N C H

Jamaal incorrectly says he's "BLESSED AS PUNCH", so he loses the Tossups sweep and Christine capitalizes w/ "PLEASED AS PUNCH".

Round 4: WAYD?

She gets the obvious out of the way first (a $550 N, two I's, and a $500 G), then she buys two O's and a useless A. Down Allie's road second are two $600 S's, two $650 K's, two B's and a T at $500 each, but then the other dud vowel of this board (E). Following Jamaal's $600 M and U...

B U _ K _ I N G / M _
S K I / B O O T S

...he isn't BUCKLING MY SKI BOOTS (because I don't own a pair), but he makes the solve.

DUDS: A (Christine), E (Allie)
Christine: $25,450 cash & SS/Allie: BAD SHAPE/Jamaal: $13,200 cash & trip 

Speed-Up Round: SHOW BIZ 

The last FS of the week is $1,700. After a C appears at the start of the bottom word...

_ P _ N _ N G
C R _ _ _ T S

...Jamaal gets the OPENING CREDITS for $5,100.

SOLE DUD: L (Allie)

Christine: $25,450 cash & SS/Allie: $1K HL LUMP OF COAL/Jamaal: $18,300 cash & trip  

GT: $44,750
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $3,600 cash & GC

Allie Spin ID: AS5375044 (Arlene S.)
Jamaal Spin ID: DE6036795 (Diana E.)


$100K Bonus Round
Christine's stopping point's the A of GAME.

Category: THING
Decent RSTLNE help...

_ _ N T _ L _
_ _ _ _ E T

CKMA is of limited help...

M _ N T _ L _
_ _ _ _ E T

...and her MONTHLY BUDGET won't rise by $32K.

LAST SPIN ID: CS5115279 (Clyde S.)


Well, bye-bye for now. Merry Xmas to you all and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

WoF Recap: December 18, 2014

As some of you already know, my departure date to Florida was gonna be tomorrow but it's postponed to early Saturday morning since my dad's catching up w/ work. Anyway, here goes...



R _ N / _ U N
_ U D _ _ _ _

Danielle exactly recites "RUN RUN RUDOLPH", and here's the Thurs. trio...

Danielle Teicher: food & beverage maker for 22 yrs. who was nominated for Woman of the Yr. last yr. because she raises money for leukemia/lymphoma in honor of her brother Steven ($92K+ so far) from Huntington Station, NY
Angelo Fileccia: insurance producer from Brownstown, MI
Linda Ondrey: married to Joe for 37 yrs. from North Olmsted, OH


_ O F T _ _ R _
D E V E _ _ P _ R

Ken Jennings had this job before getting on "J!", and Angelo knows that he was a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER.

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

A $900 T gets this man going, then he buys five E's and BANKRUPTS near TD to lose the $650 remainder. Second, Linda calls up a $700 S, buys three A's, and gets the SS w/ a W, but her next purchase of O is no good. Third, Danielle says an unfortunate dud of R while on the MDW. Back to Angelo who finds two L's for $1,400 and the last vowel of I, followed by a $600 N, three TD P's, a $650 D, a $700 M and a $550 G before he...

P I N E A P P L E -
G L A _ E D / _ A M

...takes a bite of some SWEET PINEAPPLE-GLAZED HAM for $11,150.

DUDS: O (Linda), R (Danielle)
Linda: $0/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $13,150


Mystery Round: QUOTATION 

Linda leads off w/ two T's for $1,100, buys four E's and six A's, but then hits the same BANKRUPT to toss away the $600 remainder. Second, Danielle catches quad L's for $3,600, buys an I, but then gets the exact same fate. Third, Angelo captures the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900 w/ two R's and buys the other two vowels. But after four $500 D's, the other normal BANKRUPT nails him to the tune of $2,500 and his plate. Returning to Linda who lights up a $1K pair of H's, two N's for the other 1/2 CAR, a $7K pair of B's and a $650 Y. But she's still stumped on the fifth word so she goes on...she makes it to the MW near $800, but she says a CRITICAL DUD of P to throw away $9,650 and her plate; ugh. After Danielle LaTs out...

H E / H A D / A
B R O A D / _ A _ E
A N D / A / L I T T L E
R O U N D / B E L L Y

...Angelo gets this round over with by saying this line about Santa -- "HE HAD A BROAD FACE AND A ROUND LITTLE BELLY".

SOLE DUD: P (Linda)
SOLE LaT: Danielle
BANKRUPTS: 3 (all)
Linda: BUPKIS/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $14,150 


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Hoping for a better round, Danielle begins w/ three N's for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, buys two I's and four E's, and picks off a $900 G before she gets into trouble w/ the BANKRUPT near $650 to surrender $1,900 and her plate. Second, Angelo gets the MDW w/ two S's, a $1,200 T pair, and an A, but after a $650 H is L for loss. Linda next lights up two D's via EXPRESS but DECLINES (why?!). Following a $1,950 trio of R's, here's the layout...

D I S _ _ _ E R I N G
T H E / _ _ N D E R S
_ _ / N A T _ R E

...she could've maxed out for $9K, but she instead makes the $3,950 solve and will be DISCOVERING THE WONDERS OF NATURE on her hotwire trip to the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa in BELIZE. You are a chicken, ma'am, for not going on the train.

SOLE DUD: L (Angelo)

Linda: $11,410 cash & trip/Danielle: $1K/Angelo: $14,150 


$3K Tossup: EVENT

_ _ _ _ S I N _ / T H E
F I _ _ _ H / L I N _

Danielle isn't CROSSING THE FINISH LINE just yet, because quadrupled up.

Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

$1,600 per consonant in this part of the game. After two L's show up in the second word of six, here's the board...

_ T / _ L L / _ _ M _ S
_ _ _ N / T _ / T _ _ S

...IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS and Linda has sealed the deal w/ a $6,400 solve.

Linda: $17,810 cash & trip/Danielle: $4K/Angelo: $14,150  

GT: $35,960
BANKRUPT TRASH (besides plates): $9K

Danielle Spin ID: SJ5573257 (Shelley J.)
Angelo Spin ID: KP4901246 (Kisha P.)


$100K Bonus Round
Linda spins her way to the S of SPIN.

Category: ON THE MAP (it's been a while since we used that category in a BR)
This is the home of the Masters Tournament...

_ _ _ _ S T _
_ E _ R _ _ _

MPD are DUDS, but three A's do pop up...

A _ _ _ S T A
_ E _R _ _ A

...and they help her locate AUGUSTA, GEORGIA for the $32K, so away she goes w/ $49,810 cash & trip.

SPIN ID: LP3411574 (Linda P.)


WoF Recap: December 17, 2014


$1K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ H _ / E _ _
O N / T H _ / _ _ E _ F

Jonathan has nothing.

_ H E / E _ _
O N / T H _ / S H E _ F

Ditto for Ashley.

T H E / E L _
O N / T H E / S H E L F

Katy finally IDs THE ELF ON THE SHELF. The Secret Santas on this Wed...

Katy Garcia: makeup artist & aviation geek from L.A.
Jonathan Corbblah: chess teacher from Brooklyn; he previously won a savings bond & basketball on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?", $1,500 on "Ca$h Cab", $32K on "Millionaire" and $14K on "J!"  
Ashley Gates: realtor from Greensboro, NC (orig. from MT)

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ _ _ _ B _ _
T _ _ _ N A _ _ _ T

Jonathan has some money from a SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT.


Here he goes w/ three N's for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, four T's for another $3,600, four E's, and the same quantity of A's; those are followed by a $1,300 pair of D's, but then H for hush. Second, Ashley calls up a $700 L but then buys the sole dud vowel of the board (I). Third, Katy takes an $800 M, six O's, a W for the gift tag, an $800 C, and the last vowel of two U's. Following a B for the MDW...

A / B U T T O N
N O _ E / A N D / T W O
E _ E _ / M A D E
O U T / O _ / C O A L

...she exactly recites the "Frosty the Snowman" lyrics "...A BUTTON NOSE AND TWO EYES MADE OUT OF COAL" for $3,600 cash & GT.

DUDS: H (Jonathan), I (Ashley)

Jonathan: $2K/Ashley: $0/Katy: $3,600 cash & GT MDW


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

S for sorry is how Ashley starts. Second, Katy insta-BANKRUPTS near TD to lose her $1M opportunity. Third, Jonathan fits in a $650 N, a TD T, and two E's, but an A buy lets him down. Back to Ashley who tries a $550 L, an I, and an $800 M, but the other dud vowel of this board (O) stops him. Katy next finds a $550 R, a $900 G and the last of the vowels (two U's), then come the SL bonus of three P's for the other 1/2 CAR, a TD F, a $900 C, and two D's for that WC to complete the board...


...and another $9,100 is hers.

DUDS: S (Ashley), A (Jonathan), O (Ashley)

Jonathan: $2K/Ashley: ZIP/Katy: $12,700 cash & GT WC 1/2 CAR


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Our current leader gets going w/ four FP E's, four T's for $2,400, and quad O's, then she says two H's for $1,600, a $700 F, a C for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, four N's for $2K extra, two I's, a $500 G, the other two vowels, and a FP D before she finally goes for the big solve...

_ I _ T E N I N G / T O
T H E / _ O U N D / O F
T H E / O C E A N

...not only does she win $7,200 and the '15 Fiesta, she'll be LISTENING TO THE SOUND OF THE OCEAN on a hotwire trip to Outrigger Waikiki in HAWAII worth $7,798; that round was worth $29,688 to her!


Jonathan: $2K/Ashley: ZILCH/Katy: $42,388 cash & prizes WC



_ I _ _ _ _ N
_ _ _ T _ Y

Jonathan takes the extra dough from a KITCHEN PANTRY.

Speed-Up Round: EVENT

It's a $1,900 Final Spin. After two E's are purchased for free...

R E _ C H _ N G / _ N E
_ _ / M Y / G _ _ L S

...Jonathan flubs the solve w/ "REACHING ONE OF MY GIRLS", but he then says "REACHING ONE OF MY GOALS" at the buzzer to win another $9,500.

DUDS: T (Ashley), D (Jonathan), P (Ashley)

Jonathan: $14,500/Ashley: $1K LUMP OF COAL/Katy: $42,388 cash & prizes WC

GT: $57,888

Jonathan Spin ID: JS39557 (Jerry S.)
Ashley Spin ID: JF8779304 (James F.)


$100K Bonus Round
Here comes the *** for Katy.

Category: PHRASE
For starters...

_ _ _ _ E/ T _ E
_ L _ _ _ S

MDPA and C give her...

A _ _ _ E/ T _ E
C L _ _ D S

...the C did it for her -- she's ABOVE THE CLOUDS and...

...she's $45K richer, making her the highest non-million winner of the season w/ $87,388 cash & prizes! WTG, Katy!

SPIN ID: RP4550364 (Roselin P.)


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WoF Recap: December 16, 2014


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ H _ _ T N U T
C O O K I _ _

Mike doesn't know it.

C H E _ T N U T
C O O K I _ _

Liz gets her hand on some CHESTNUT COOKIES. Tues. contesti...

Liz Bigley: 7th/8th grade math teacher at Great Oak MS from Stratford, CT
Eddrina Brown: speech pathologist and a park basketball coach like her husband Christopher from Charleston, SC
Mike Murphy: Chelmsford HS football coach and P.E. teacher from Chelmsford, MA

$2K Tossup: THING

_ R O N T - P A G E
N E _ _

Mike gets on the board this time w/ FRONT-PAGE NEWS.

Round 1: WAYD?

He first calls up an $1,800 pair of N's, an I, the obvious $650 G, but then the LaT. Second, Liz takes two TD T's, an E and four A's, a $550 H, and a $900 D. But after O and U buys is S for sorry. Third, Eddrina fits in an $800 P but then B for bad. Mike then gets the WC w/ two W's...

W A _ I N G / U P
A T / T H E / _ _ A _ _
O _ / D A W N

...I'm afraid somebody's going to say WAKING UP AT THE BREAK OF DAWN...thankfully, he's WAKING UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN to add another $3,200.

(AIRED) DUDS: S (Liz), B (Eddrina)

Liz: $1K/Eddrina: $0/Mike: $5,200 WC


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Liz leads off w/ a $600 T but then H for hush. Second, Eddrina has the same result w/ S while on the GT. Third, Mike claims the tag w/ three R's, buys an E and three A's, and picks off a $700 N before buying a worthless O. But he quickly gets his turn back following duds of C and M by the ladies. The next picks are a $900 G, two I's to wipe out the vowel shop and four P's to add $2,600 and leave two letters unexposed...

_ R A P P I N G
T R A I _

...he follows a WRAPPING PAPER TRAIL for $4,700

DUDS: H (Liz), S (Eddrina), O (Mike), C (Liz), M (Eddrina)

Liz: $1K/Eddrina: ZERO/Mike: $10,900 cash & GT WC


PP/Express Round: PLACE

The scoreless Eddrina gets going w/ a $700 R, three E's, two N's for $1,400, but the BANKRUPT near TD gets her and Mike; she loses $1,850 while he has to hand over the WC. Third for Liz are four T's for $2,400, a $650 H, two O's, a $900 P and the two leftover vowel of four I's and three A's...

T H E / I _ E A _
T R O P I _ A _
_ E _ T I N A T I O N

...she's jumped into the lead w/ $3,200 and a hotwire trip to THE IDEAL TROPICAL DESTINATION like the Crocodile Bay Resort in COSTA RICA worth $9,210.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Liz's opposition)

Liz: $13,410 cash & trip/Eddrina: NO LUCK/Mike: $10,900 cash & GT


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

P L A _ _ G / _ H E
T _ T L _ / R _ _ E

Eddrina's finally off the gooseegg bench w/ PLAYING THE TITLE ROLE.

Speed-Up Round: PEOPLE

The consonants are worth $1,600 each. After Vanna lights up an S...

_ A D _ _ S / A N D
_ _ N T _ _ _ _ N

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Eddrina makes the solve for said FS amount.

DUDS: R (Eddrina), C (Liz)

Liz: $13,410 cash & trip/Eddrina: $4,600/Mike: $10,900 cash & GT

GT: $28,910
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $1,850

Eddrina Spin ID: BO3788160 (Bradley O.)  
Mike Spin ID: FO3523072 (Florence O.)


$100K Bonus Round
Liz takes that BW to the N of WIN.

Category: THINGS
These two letters get her started...

_ _ _
_ _ N _ _ _ S

CDPA adds another pair of letters...

_ A _
_ _ N D _ _ S

...but she's too hungry on the first word w/ HAM and YAM, so the $40K stays locked behind these BAY WINDOWS.

LAST SPIN ID: RB9085576 (Rhonda B.)


Update on my vacation...

We're actually leaving for Orlando early Saturday morning, because my dad has to do work from home on Fri so I'll be recapping the SSS finale after all.

Monday, December 15, 2014

WoF Recap: December 15, 2014



_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ S
_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ L _ _

David quickly solves "JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS". The lowdown on him and the ladies...

David Hankins: 3rd-yr. medical student at Columbia Univ. from NYC (orig. from MN)
Karen Paloni: headed back to school looking to be a radiology tech from Irmo, SC
Rosalind Turner: a teacher whose husband's in the Navy from Chula Vista (orig. from Lake Charles, LA)

$2K Tossup: THING

_ O O _ I N G
_ U S _ N _ _ S

David's in BOOMING BUSINESS so far tonight.

1/2 CAR: '15 Fiesta

Round 1: PHRASE

First are two S's for the GT, six E's, two T's for $1,400, two H's for the WC, and three R's for $1,800...

T H E R E ' S
S _ _ E T H _ _ _
_ _ R / E _ E R _ _ _ E

THERE'S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE as he makes the solve for $5,950 cash & tag.


Rosalind: $0/David: $8,950 cash & GT WC/Karen: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Karen insta-BANKRUPTS next to $650. Second, Rosalind misses w/ N while on the MW near LaT. Third, David picks a $900 T, buys three E's, calls up an $600 H, but then buys a bad vowel in O. Back to Karen who gets the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, and the MDW w/ a D, then she buys an A, captures the SS w/ two O's, and buys two I's to clean out the vowels. Following an $800 G...

T H E / _ I G
A P P _ E
_ I D E R

...she drinks up THE BIG APPLE CIDER for $9,300 cash & SS.

DUDS: N (Rosalind), O (David)

Rosalind: ZIP/David: $8,950 cash & GT WC/Karen: $9,300 cash & SS MDW 1/2 CAR


PP/Express Round: WAYD? 

Rosalind continues her quest to get on the board w/ a $2,400 trio of N's, three I's, but then the same BANKRUPT to lose the $2,150 remainder. Second, David runs into the other one to lose his WC. Third for Karen are an $1,800 G pair, three E's and an A, but then P for phooey. Rosalind restarts w/ four T's for $3,600, buys three O's, and gets both halves (she got the one from the other spot first) of the Fiesta w/ K and W, respectively. Following those picks are a U...two C's and L's at $1,400 a pop...and the big solve...

G E T T I N G / T O
K N O W / T _ E
L O C A L / C U I _ I N E

...not only does she win $21,590 cash & Fiesta, she'll be GETTING TO KNOW THE LOCAL CUISINE on a hotwire trip to the Dreams Sugar Bay Resort in ST. THOMAS worth $7,065; that was a $28,655 round for her!

SOLE DUD: P (Karen)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (opposition)

Rosalind: $28,655 cash & prizes/David: $8,950 cash & GT/Karen: $9,300 cash & SS MDW


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

C U R _ _ I N
_ _ _ _

It's not time for David's CURTAIN CALL just yet -- he's scores the Tossup sweek.

Speed-Up Round: FUN & GAMES

$1,800's the consonant value. After somebody puts up an M to leave vowels remaining...

D _ _ N G
S _ M _ R S _ _ L T S

...Karen's DOING SOMERSAULTS for another $7,200.

SOLE DUD: P (Karen)

Rosalind: $28,655 cash & prizes/David: $8,950 cash & GT/Karen: $16,500 cash & SS

GT: $57,105 
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $2,150

David SPIN ID: BR2271460 (Barbara R.)
Karen SPIN ID: ST6238540 (Sherri T.)


$100K Bonus Round
Rosalind takes the BR to the M of AMERICA'S.

Category: THING
This biggie starts out as...

L _ T E - N _ _ _ T
_ N _ _ _ E R _ _ _ L

DHPA adds...

L A T E - N _ _ H T
_ N _ _ _ E R _ _ A L

...but she's stumped on the last word of LATE-NIGHT INFORMERCIAL, so she doesn't win her second Ford car in the Flex.

LAST SPIN ID: LS7146588 (Leigh S.)


Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm on vacation next week...

On Friday of next week, I will be taking a 2.5 week vacation to Orlando. First, I will be taking a cruise to the Bahamas, then I will be back on the mainland and going to Disney World. If time permits, we might also visit Universal Orlando. Therefore, I won't be recapping the conclusion of the SSS at that time. When I get back home, I will catch up w/ what I missed.

Week 13 Stats

This was a great 1st week of the SSS. And our Friday winners are the biggest winners this week by about $3K over the designated bloggers on the Mon. show.

Total this Week: $335,308
Total for the Season: $4,313,984
BR Win Record: 28-37 (.431)
Total Car Wins: 5
-1/2 Car: 4 (1 Ford Fiesta, 2 Nissa Versa Note Ss, 1 Chevrolet Spark)
-BR Car: 1 (Chevrolet Camaro)
Prize Wedge Wins: 19
Gift Tag Wins: 20
Mystery Wedge Wins: 6
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 23-9
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 11-12
$10K MW was next to LaT: 10
$10K MW was next to $800: 19
Express was Played-Passed: 17-2
-Successes: 9
-Crashes: 8
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 4 (3 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 9
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 42/22/0
5-Round Games: 7
6-Round Games: 0
Gooseegg Victims: 17
Red Winners: 18
Yellow Winners: 29
Blue Winners: 18
This Week's Bankrupt Trash: $30,250 / 3
WC /1 MDW 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $460,546* / 19 WC / 28 ½ CAR / 6 MDW
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,600* (Sept. 16), $17,250 (Oct. 29), $15,690 (Nov. 28)        
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $27,630* (Sept. 18), $27,500 (Oct. 1), $24,100 (Oct. 16) 
Highest-Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $70,900 (Sept. 29), $66,875 (Nov. 18)
Lowest-Winning Totals: $13,356 (Sept. 15), $11,000 (Sept. 18)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $63,524 (Nov. 27), $58,690 (Oct. 20), $57,743 (Dec. 3)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 0
$1M Bonus Rounds: 7

$32K: 22/47
$35K: 0/0
$40K: 2/6
$45K: 2/6
$50K: 0/0
$100K (or $1M): 1/2
CAR: 1/4

* includes prizes

WoF Recap: December 12, 2014


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

P L E _ T _ / T O
G O / _ R O _ N D

Tyler & Sherry solve PLENTY TO GO AROUND. Meeting the last three family duos of the week...

Sherry & Tyler Wilson (mother/son): he attends Piedmont Technical College (and is planning on transferring to Clemson); they're from Aiken, SC
Diane McCormack & Dawn Bora (sisters): the former from Anaheim Hills owns a sign-installation co. w/ her hubby Bob while the latter's from Canyon Lake
Erin & Amber Williams (twin sisters): Erin's a production manager for an apparel co. from Columbus (orig. from Cleveland) while Amber's a charity trainer

$2K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ O _ H _ _ / _ _ D
_ _ _ G _ T E R

The Williams sisters get MOTHER AND DAUGHTER in time.


Off they go w/ a $600 M, five T's to add $2,500, two I's, and three E's, followed by a $700 R, three O's, two L's for the SS and two N's for $1,600 before they...

_ E T T E R / N O T
_ O _ T
I ' M / T E L L I N _
_ O _ / _ _ _

...exactly recite "...BETTER NOT POUT, I'M TELLING YOU WHY" (from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town") for a total of $12,150 cash & SS.


D & D: $0/Williamses: $15,150 cash & spree/Wilsons: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The Wilsons' first letters of the night are a $700 R and an M while on the MW near $800. They risk the 7 Benjamins...and find the $$$ on the back side! But after their buy of three E's is the sole dud vowel of I. D & D secondly take a $1,500 T trio, two A's and five O's, and four H's for $3,600 more...

M R . / _ O T A T O
H E A _
O _ / T H E
H O _ _ E H O _ _

...they solve MR. POTATO HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD for $4,600.

SOLE DUD: I (Wilsons)

D & D: $4,600/Williamses: $15,150 cash & spree/Wilsons: $1K


PP/Express Round: THINGS

D & D instantly hit MDW's right side. Second for the Williamses are a $650 S, two N's for $1,200, a $500 R, two T's for $1,200 and a couple E's, but their next call of P isn't there. Third the Wilsons light up a $500 W, a $650 L, and three A's, then come a $500 G, two I's, a $650 V...but then the sole dud vowel of U. D & D then put up a $1,200 B pair and the last vowel of O...

B R E A T _ T A _ I N G
B A L _ O N _ / V I E W S

...another $950 is theirs and they'll enjoy the BREATHTAKING BALCONY VIEWS during their stay at the Grand Palladium JAMAICA Resort & Spa worth $13,428.

DUDS: P (Williamses), U (Wilsons)

D & D: $18,978 cash & Jamaica/Williamses: $15,150 cash & spree/Wilsons: $1K


$3K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ P _ E _ / A / D
O R A _ G E S

The Williamses cut the deficit to $828 w/ APPLES AND ORANGES.

Speed-Up Round: EVENT

The consonants are worth $1,800 a pop on this Friday. After the frontloading W gets exposed early on...

W _ N N _ N _ / _
T _ _ _ N T / _ _ N T _ _ T

...Dawn & Diana did more than just WINNING A TALENT CONTEST -- they've punched their ticket to Bonusland.

D & D: $20,978 cash & Jamaica/Williamses: $18,150 cash & spree/Wilsons: $1K

GT: $41,128

WILLIAMSES SPIN ID: RR6031025 (Robert R.)
WILSONS SPIN ID: GN0564936 (Grace N.)


$100K Bonus Round
Diane takes the BW to the E of GAME.

Category: THING
1/2 the solution already...

E _ _ T
_ _ L L

I hate to break this to the Baker boys, but these ladies got this one in the bag w/ PXDI...

P _ L L

...and they easily solve EXIT POLL (it's a survey of voters used to predict the outcome of an election) for $45K and a final total of $65,978 cash & trip!

LAST SPIN ID: CI0545179 (Cornelia I.)