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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WOF Recap: October 21, 2014


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

S _ _ _ M I N _ / _ N
_ / _ A K _

SWIMMING IN A LAKE sounds too dangerous, IMO, but Jerry has the right answer. Two men competing tonight...

Jerry Armand: school psychologist and Britney Spears fan dating Kevin for 5.5 yrs. from Ft. Lauderdale
Rod Belsky: bank data-processing co. worker who recorded a 45 rpm at 17 and was a church choir director, as well as being in classic rock bands for 35+ yrs. from Somerville, SC (orig. from Harmony Township, PA
Sashanna Taylor: Univ. of FL Health Education student and American Red Cross volunteer from Lauderhill, FL

$2K Tossup: THING

T _ _ _ E L
H _ _ _ / D R _ E R

Rod blows it w/ TOWEL HAND DRYER.

T _ A _ E L
H _ _ _ / D R Y E R

Sashanna doesn't do any better w/ TRAVEL HAND DRYER.

T _ A V E L
H _ I R / D R Y E R

Jerry triples up w/ TRAVEL HAIR DRYER.

FEATURED TRIP: the $6K tour of the Grand Canyon and Great American West 
Tues/Thurs. Gift Tag: Cabela's fishing gear

Round 1: PHRASE

Four T's for $3,600 get this guy started, followed by four E's, a $600 H, an R for the Cabela's gift tag, two W's for that MDW and five O's. The board...

W E ' R E / _ O T
O _ T / O _ / T H E
W O O _ _ / _ E T

WE'RE NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET, but he banks another $5,200 cash & GT.


Jerry: $8,200 cash & GT MDW/Everybody else: $0 each


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

T for terrible is how Rod starts this round. Sashanna secondly calls up two N's for $1,200, two E's, four S's to add $3,200 and three A's, but next is R for roadblock. Third, Jerry picks off the SL of five D's at $700 a pop for $4,500, the leftover vowels of four I's and two O's, and a $1,100 pair of L's, then he sees... 

D A _ _ O D I L S
D A I S I E S / &

...he grabs some DAFFODILS, DAISIES & DANDELIONS for another $5,100.

DUDS: T (Rod), R (Sashanna)

Jerry: $13,300 cash & GT MDW/Everybody else: $0 each

Repeat Bonus Puzzle Flashback of the Night (1996): PAGER (the man failed to solve after calling BPDO)


PP/Express Round: PLACE

Hoping for a big round, Sahanna starts this answer w/ a $500 S, two T's for another $1,400, four E's, a $900 H, and an A, followed by three R's for $2,700, two N's for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, an I, a $700 K, the last vowel of two O's, and a $700 L. She then calls up two F's while on EXPRESS and HOPS ABOARD...

Sashanna's Bank So Far: $8,900 and plate 
Next Choices: P...C...BIG CRASH w/ D (that costs her $10,900 and the plate)

Jerry then puts up a $700 G and a $550 B...

T H E / P E R F E C T
B A _ / F O R

...he's won another $1,250 and a $6,950 hotwire trip to THE PERFECT BAY FOR SNORKELING, the Napili Kai Beach Resort in MAUI.


Jerry: $21,500 cash & prizes MDW/Everybody else: NOTHING a head



 T _ _ / M _ _ P _ _ S

Jerry's still perfect thanks to THE MUPPETS.

Speed-Up Round: EVENT

$1,700's the Final Spin again, so that's good news for Jerry! After a P gets exposed...

G _ T T _ N G / _ / _ _ G
P _ _ _ _ T _ _ N

...Jerry will be GETTING A BIG PROMOTION despite not completing the maingame sweep; it's Sashanna who solves this puzzle.

DUDS: S (Sashanna), D (Rod)

Sashanna: $1,700/Jerry: $24,500 cash & prizes MDW/Rod: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $27,200
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $10,900 (all by Sashanna)


After we spot his friend John holding the MDW, Jerry takes it to the second A of AMERICA'S.

Category: THING
Here's 1/4 of this answer...

_ _ _ _
_ E _ R

He CDMOs out of the game, so his mind isn't in HIGH GEAR...

...and he loses the $45K. 

$1M HOT SPOT: W (the same place where Michelle won the super big one)
$5K SPIN ID: WS0006694


Note on 1/2 CAR this week

Now that we know the price of the '15 Fiesta, I can now tell you that Adrianne Blasquez on the Thurs. episode of "Banquet Meal of Fortune" missed out on $24,830 in cash & prizes including that car during the PP/Express Round.

Monday, October 20, 2014

WOF Recap: October 20, 2014


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

G _ / _ U _ S I D E
A N _ / P _ A Y

Eric rightly replies "GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY". Leading the week off are these people... 

Eric Comacho: support analyst for a web translation co. from Margate, FL
Carla Ramirez: Santiango ES special ed aide from Santa Ana

Jennifer Petersen: Truman St. Univ. accounting student and a member of Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Sigma Gamma from Wildwood, MO


H O R S _ S _ _ E
_ R _ B

Jennifer spots a HORSESHOE CRAB for control. 

FEATURED TRIP: Chongwe River Camp in Zambia worth $9K
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: DICK'S Sporting Goods
1/2 CAR: 2015 Ford Fiesta S

Round 1: WAYD? (ATV wipe)

She wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Second, Eric says S for sorry. Third, Carla calls up a G for the WC, three N's for the 1/2 CAR next to the pink $900 and three obvious I's, followed by an R for the other 1/2 CAR, three E's, three $700 T's, H and F singles at $800 a pop, a FP U and two TD L's, then she goes for the big solve...

F I L L I N G / _ _
_ _ N T E E N / _ I T H
_ _ T E R

...we finally have our first car win of the season -- she says "FILLING MY CANTEEN WITH WATER" for $10,700 and the $14,690 Fiesta!

SOLE DUD: S (Eric)

Eric: $1K/Carla: $25,390 cash & Fiesta WC/Jennifer: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Eric kicks off w/ a $900 T and an $800 S, then he buys an A, three E's and three I's before hitting the MDW's left side to lose the $950 remainder. Second, Carla picks up the South Africa w/ two E's, but duds out w/ D while on the MW near $800. Third, Jennifer spots a G and flips the other MW...but that's the wrong one. Returning to Eric who puts up a $1,400 H pair, two F's for $1,300 and a TD L...

A / S I G H / _ F
_ I T _ H E R

...he solves A SIGH OF RELIEF PITCHER for $6,200.

SOLE DUD: D (Carla)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (everybody else)

Eric: $7,200/Carla: $25,390 cash & Fiesta WC/Jennifer: $2K 


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Our car winner is off and running w/ R and S singles at $500 each, three E's, a T for the DICK'S gift tag, two L's for $1,600, and twin I's. But after four $900 N's is the BANKRUPT near $650 to wipe out $7,200 cash & GT along w/ her WC. Jennifer secondly catches two C's via EXPRESS and WISELY GOES ABOARD...

Next Choices: two H's, M, two G's, two D's and the last consonant of P

C H _ M P _ G N E
& / C _ N D L E L I G H T

...she's banked another $10K and a hotwire trip to the Pelican Eyes Resort in NICARAGUA worth $7,700!


Eric: $7,200/Carla: $25,390 cash & Fiesta/Jennifer: $19,700 cash & Nicaragua 


$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

O _ S T A _ L E
_ O _ R _ E

This is what every "Wipeout" or "American Ninja Warrior" competitor runs, and Eric gets OBSTACLE COURSE to break five figures.

Speed-Up Round: THING

$1,700 per consonant this evening. After a D (first letter of the bottom word) shows up...

P _ C _ _ T
D _ C T _ _ N _ R _

...Jennifer has a POCKET DICTIONARY for $3,400.

DUDS: H (Jennifer), S (Eric), L (Carla)

Eric: $10,200/Carla: $25,390 cash & Fiesta/Jennifer: $23,100 cash & Nicaragua 

GT: $58,690 (new S-H!)
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $8,150


$100K Bonus Round
Can Carla win a second car in a 2015 Chevrolet Volt? Her envelope's the first A of AMERICA'S.

Category: PHRASE
Decent help on the bottom to start...

_ _ _ _ / _ _
T _ E / _ _ _ N E 

PCHO is a PERFECT combination...

P _ C _ / _ P
T H E / P H O N E 

...she will PICK UP THE PHONE and tell her friends that she's won...

...the damn minimum for a final total of $57,390 cash & car.

$5K SPIN ID: RL5552336


Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 5 Stats

$32K, will you please stop annoying us! And we seriously need a car win!!!

Total this Week: $256,955
Total for the Season: 2,252,522
BR Win Record: 13-12 (.52)
Total Car Wins: do I need to say this again?
-1/2 Car:
-BR Car:  
Prize Wedge Wins: 11
Gift Tag Wins: 8
Mystery Wedge Wins: 1
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 9-2
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 3-6
$10K MW was next to LaT: 6
$10K MW was next to $800: 5
Express was Played-Passed: 1-0
-Successes: 0
-Crashes: 1
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 3 (2 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 5
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 16/14/0
5-Round Games: 2
6-Round Games: 0
Gooseegg Victims: 6
Red Winners: 8
Yellow Winners: 13
Blue Winners: 4
This Week's Bankrupt Trash: $47,150* / 1 WC / 1 ½ CAR / 1
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $236,480* / 7 WC / 16 ½ CAR tags / 3 MDW
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,600* (Sept. 16), $15K (Oct. 1), $14,380* (Sept. 18)      
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $27,630* (Sept. 18), $27,500 (Oct. 1), $24,100 (Oct. 16) 
Highest-Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $70,900 (Sept. 29), $63,040 (Oct. 15)
Lowest-Winning Totals: $13,356 (Sept. 15), $11,000 (Sept. 18)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $45,640 (Oct. 6), $45,300 (Oct. 8), $42,590 (Sept. 17)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 0
$1M Bonus Rounds: 3

$32K: 10/19
$35K: 0/0
$40K: 1/1
$45K: 1/2
$50K: 0/0
$100K (or $1M): 1/1 
CAR: 0/2

* includes prizes

WOF Recap: October 17, 2014


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ E / _ R E _ _ H
_ _ A R _ _ _

Anisa locates THE FRENCH QUARTER in New Orleans. Both women on this panel have the same job...

Anisa Hunter: Air Force member like her hubby of 25 yrs. from Northport, AL (recently moved from HI and was born in Lindsay, OK)
Kenny Hunt: 9th grade English teacher and sports coach from Chicago

Sara Valdez: A.F. vet for 6 yrs. and sales/marketing worker from Seattle (orig. from CHI)

$2K Tossup: RHYME TIME

S _ I N N _ _ G
_ N D / W _ _ _ I _ G

Anisa will be SPINNING AND (hopefully) WINNING big in this game.

FEATURED TRIP: Hilton Orlando w/ $1K credit to any Orlando attraction from worth $7,887 (BTW, I'm going to Orlando this Christmas!)

Round 1: PHRASE

She's off and running w/ three T's for $1,800, an E, an L for that FL trip, a W for the eBags gift tag, and four O's, but next is L for loss of turn. Second, Kenny BANKRUPTS next to TD. Third, Sara calls up a $900 P but his the MDW's right side. Anisa then lights up a $650 G and three R's for another $2,400, then we have...

P _ T / _ O _ R / B E S T
_ O O T / _ O R W _ R _

...she says "PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD" for a total of $14,237 cash & prizes.

SOLE DUD: L (Anisa)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (opposition)

Anisa: $17,237 cash & prizes/Others: $0 each


Mystery Round: QUOTATION

A $2,100 trio of N's gets Kenny started, but that's taken right back by the other normal BANKRUPT. Second, Sara FPs two D's, buys two A's, lights up a $900 T and a $500 R, and buys twin O's and I's, but the same BANKRUPT gets her to the tune of $1,650. Third, Anisa picks up the WC and 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 w/ S and M respectively, buys quad E's to clean out the vowels, and inserts three G's for $1,950. We now have...

I / D O / N O T
_ I _ E / G R E E N
E G G S / A N D / _ A M

...she exactly recites "I DO NOT LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM" for $2,700.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (opponents)
Anisa: $19,937 cash & prizes WC/Others: $0 each


PP/Express Round: THING 

Sara starts her possible comeback w/ three T's for $1,500, two E's, a $650 N, an A, and three I's, followed by a P for the other 1/2 CAR, the other two vowels, three R's for $2,400, a $2,700 S trio, a $650 Q and a $600 W to complete the board...


...she wins her first $7,750 and a hotwire trip to the Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC worth $6,950.


Sara: $14,700 cash & D.R./Anisa: $19,937 cash & prizes WC/Kenny: BAD LUCK


$3K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ H _ _ R Y
_ O _ A T _ _ S

Kenny gets some CHERRY TOMATOES to finally score.

Round 4: EVENT

First for this guy are a $1,200 T pairing, two E's and A's, a $500 N, but then S for sorry and we move into S-U Mode...

_ _ _ T _ _ A _
_ E _ E _ _ A T _ _ N

...w/ a $1,500 Final Spin. Two R's are later put up...

_ _ R T H _ A _
_ E L E _ R A T _ _ N

...and Anisa's won another $4,500 towards her next BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

DUDS (only the first was called before S-U): S (Kenny), V (Sara), M (Sara)

Sara: $14,700 cash & D.R./Anisa: $24,437 cash & prizes WC/Kenny: $3K

GT: $42,137


$100K Bonus Round
Anisa spins up that C.

Category: THING
RSTLNE, Vanna...

E _ _ T _
_ _ _ _ _ E / _ _ R

CHMA and W (she mistakenly called the M on her WC choice like last night's champ) give her...

E M _ T _
C _ _ _ _ E / _ A R

...but she BLOWS IT w/ EMPTY COLLEGE CAR, so the $32K will stay inside the producers' EMPTY COOKIE JAR.

$5K SPIN ID: DS0032757


Thursday, October 16, 2014

WOF Recap: October 16, 2014


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

S _ _ / _ _ E _ O
_ A _ _ F _ _ _ _ A

They were last here in S24, and Julie knows that's SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA. Thursday's trio...

Julie Mathias: music teacher at Sullivan's Island ES and steel drum band member from Charleston, SC
Margery Lucas: doctor's office front desk worker, freelance DJ and Dystopian Thriller book fan from Henderson, NC
Daniel Garfinkel: hotel reservation supervisor who never wears matching socks from Denver


_ _ _ R L E T T
_ _ _ _ N _ _ O N


FEATURED TRIP: Marriott Marquis Hotel in S.F. worth $6K


Her letter-calling spree begins w/ an $1,100 pair of T's, four E's, two H's for $1,800 more, but then A for awful. Second, Daniel calls up N and R while on TD, but the latter isn't there. Third, Julie puts up two FP O's, two M's for $1,200, an $800 Y, a $600 S, and a TD W, but she then buys the other bad vowel of this puzzle (I). After her opponents quickly dud out w/ B and D, respectively, she buys the last vowel of U and loses her turn w/ the L. Margery then picks up the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 w/ three P's...

M E / T H E / M O N E Y

...and says "PUPPET SHOW ME THE MONEY" for $3,900

DUDS: A (Margery), R (Daniel), I (Julie), B (Margery), D (Daniel), L (Julie)

Margery: $5,900 1/2 CAR/Daniel: $0/Julie: $1K


Mystery Round: QUOTATION

Daniel instantly cashes in $14K w/ four T's, buys three E's, but then BANKRUPTS near the big one to lose the $13,750 remainder; ouch. Second for Julie are five H's at $650 a pop, five A's, two $700 N's, an L for the S.F. trip, and an O, then come two $550 D's, three S's for the WC, and two U's...

T H E / _ A _ E
T H A T / L A U N _ H E D
A / T H O U S A N D
S H _ _ S

...she exactly recites "THE FACE THAT LAUNCHED A THOUSAND SHIPS" (by Helen of Troy) for $13K cash & trip


Margery: $5,900 1/2 CAR/Daniel: ZERO/Julie: $14K cash & trip WC 


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Current leader Julie gets started w/ two FP I's, three N's for $1,800, but then the LaT. Second, Margery takes two obvious TD G's, two E's, double T's for another $1,100, a $500 H and three O's, but next is S for sorry. Third, Daniel tacks on a $700 L, the last vowel of three A's, an M and two D's at $600 each, but nothing more w/ P while on the same 1/2 CAR. After Julie wastes another turn by repeating the T, Margery gets into trouble w/ the MDW's left side to surrender $8,100 and her plate. Daniel next BANKRUPTS near $650 to toss aside $2,250. Julie then spins once for an $800 B...

_ A _ I N G
G O O D B _ E / T O
T H E / M A I N L A N D

...she doesn't remember the S was a dud, as she blows the solve w/ SAYING GOODBYE TO THE MAINLAND. Margery doesn't do any better w/ the C. Daniel BANKRUPTS next to $650 for the second straight time (and it's his third one of the game). Julie then fills in the Y for the Omaha Steaks gift tag, but then squanders her turn w/ the R. Margery then SPINGLES for the $500 W...

W A _ I N G
G O O D B Y E / T O
T H E / M A I N L A N D

...she'll be WAVING GOODBYE TO THE MAINLAND, because she's won that amount and a hotwire trip to the Outrigger Waikiki in HAWAII worth $7,798.

DUDS: S (Margery), P (Daniel), C (Margery), R (Julie)
SOLE LaT: Julie
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Daniel 2x, Margery)
DQs (both by Julie): T repeat and blown solve

Margery: $14,198 cash & HI /Daniel: NO LUCK/Julie: $14K cash & S.F. WC


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ A _ _ R A
_ _ _ _ A T O R

Margery gets CAMERA OPERATOR to go to $17,198.

Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

The consonant value determined by Pat is $1,700. After somebody requests a D...

T H _ / _ _ _ S / T _
T H _ / _ _ N _ D _ M

...Julie has THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM of Bonusland, because she's won the game w/ another $6,800.

DUDS: S (Margery), R (Margery), L (Daniel), P (Margery)

Margery: $17,198 cash & HI /Daniel: $1K GOOSEEGG/Julie: $20,800 cash & S.F. WC

GT: $38,998
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $24,100


$100K Bonus Round
Julie takes out the envelope from the second A of AMERICA'S.

Category: PHRASE
For starters...

_ N / _ _ _
_ E _ _ E N

DMBA and C will NOT do much...

_ N / _ _ _
_ E A _ E N

...and she won't be IN HOG HEAVEN w/ another $32K.

$5K SPIN ID: LM3622688


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WOF Recap: October 15, 2014


$1K Tossup: PLACE

_ H _ / _ _ _ _ Y
_ I _ _

Laura knows that Chicago is nicknamed "THE WINDY CITY". Bios on her and everybody else... 

Laura Vazquez: property manager, comic collector & belly dancer for fun from Long Beach
Marvin Keene: Coastal Carolina Univ. Finance professor and mobile shaved ice business owner from Myrtle Beach
Vickie Bonifield: loan co. manager from Cloverdale, IN


_ _ A _ S F O _ M E _ S

Laura IDs the TRANSFORMERS to triple up.

FEATURED TRIP: Boston Harbor Hotel worth $9,640


A $550 N gets her started, but the S stops her just as quick. Second, Marvin calls up two T's for $1,300, buys five E's, and FPs a dud vowel of I, then he says two H's for $1,300, a $900 Y, but then B for bad. Third, Vickie takes a TD C, only to lose that money right back to the BANKRUPT near $650. Laura's second turn ends quickly w/ the other BANKRUPT, so there goes the $550. Marvin buys another dummy vowel of O whereas Vickie craps out w/ K, so we're quickly back to Laura...but she LaTs out. Marvin next buys the two A's to clean out the vowels, but he then gets the same BANKRUPT as Vickie to forfeit $2,750. The middle lady then puts up two L's and an M at $900 a pop, but she has a run-in w/ the BANKRUPT near TD to toss aside $2,700. On Laura's fourth turn, she makes a $600 D appear, but LaTs out again. After Marvin spins up that BANKRUPT near $650 again, Vickie collects the WC w/ two R's...

T H E Y / C A L L / M E
T H E / _ A N D E R E R

...and mercifully solves "THEY CALL ME THE WANDERER" by Dion from '61 -- WORST ROUND OF THE SEASON, PERIOD.

DUDS: I (Marvin), S (Laura), O (Marvin), K (Vickie)
LaTs: 2 (Laura)
BANKRUPTS: 5 (two each by Marvin and Vickie)

Marvin: $0/Vickie: $1K WC/Laura: $3K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Hoping for much better luck, Marvin starts this one w/ three R's for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, four A's and an I, but then N for no. Second, Vickie inserts five T's at $550 apiece, the other two vowels that isn't U, three H's for another $1,950, a C for the eBags gift tag, and two FP K's. We now have...

H E A R T -
T O - H E A R T
T A _ K

...she solves ARTICHOKE HEART-TO-HEART TALK for $6,700 cash & bags.

SOLE DUD: N (Marvin)

Marvin: NO LUCK/Vickie: $7,700 cash & GT WC/Laura: $3K 


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

First, Vickie spins her way to an $1,100 pair of N's and a G for the same 1/2 CAR, then she buys two I's and three O's, and picks up that MDW w/ two T's. After she buys the twin E's and an A to finish off the vowels, here come a $500 M and Y, but then the LaT to likely cost her $1,600, her plate, and her $1M hopes. Laura next picks off four L's for $2,400, two C's to add $1,800, a $1K pair of D's, and a TD S, then we show her...

A D D I N G / T O
M Y / S _ E L L

...she rightly replies "ADDING TO MY SHELL COLLECTION" for $8,700 and a hotwire trip to the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in ST. MAARTEN worth $6,340.

SOLE LaT: Vickie

Marvin: ROTTEN LUCK/Vickie: $7,700 cash & GT WC/Laura: $18,040 cash & trip  


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ C _ / T O / _ _ _
D _ _ W I _ _ / B _ _ R D


Speed-Up Round: FOOD & DRINK

Consonants pay off at $1,800 a pop. Early on, Laura puts up three S's and tries to call a T during the think time, but Pat thankfully stops her. We later get to this after triple B's show up...

B L _ _ _ B _ R R _ _ S
& / R _ S _ B _ R R _ _ S

...Vickie's wrong at first w/ BLUEBERRIES & RASPBERRIES, but she quickly changes to the right one of BLACKBERRIES & RASPBERRIES to add another $5,400.  

DUDS: N (Vickie), T (Vickie), M (Laura)

Marvin: $1K GOOSEEGG/Vickie: $16,100 cash & GT/Laura: $18,040 cash & trip   

GT: $35,140


$100K Bonus Round
Laura takes that BW to the I of SPIN.

Category: PLACE
The last letters of each word are...

_ _ _ _ E
_ _ R

She's CDMA conservative...

_ _ _ C E
_ A R

...she talks her way into the right answer, and we hope she doesn't blow all of this much money on celebratory drinks at the JUICE BAR...

...$45K for a final total of $63,040 cash & trip!

$5K SPIN ID: BW3033469


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WOF Recap: October 14, 2014

Just so you know, today's the 6-yr. anniversary of the show's first-ever $1M win.


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ H _ _ _ D _ _ P _ _ A
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

They were here in S22 and Charles locates PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. Let's get to know him and the ladies better...

Charles McDonald: landscaper and comp. science student at Clover Park Technical College from Lakewood, WA
Melissa Hoang: Turning Point School 4th grade teacher from Burbank (born in Westminster, CA)
Michelle Leuck: corporate flight attendant, mystery thriller book writer and indoor rock climber from Vegas

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ A L _ E _
C _ M _ A N Y

Michelle solves BALLET COMPANY to start the spinning.

FEATURED TRIP: LOEWS Coronado Bay in San Diego worth $6,005 (and no, the featured trip has no connection w/ the first Tossups this week)
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Omaha Steaks

Round 1: SONG & ARTIST

Her first letters this evening are three N's for the 1/2 CAR near pink $900, an I and seven E's, and two V's for that other 1/2 CAR. But after a $1,400 pair of B's, she LaT's out at a bad time to likely cost her $18K cash & Versa. Charles then puts up three Y's for $2,100, two $700 R's, and a $600 C, then we have...

I ' V E / B E E N
E V E R Y _ _ E R E
B Y / _ _ _ N N Y
C _ _ _

...he solves "I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE" BY JOHNNY CASH for $4,100.

SOLE LaT: Michelle

Michelle: $2K/Charles: $5,100/Melissa: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

That man first gets up there a $900 T, and $800 H, four E's, a $700 R and two B's for that MDW, followed by two A's, a $1,200 K pairing, and an $1,800 F double. Board, Vanna...

_ _ F F E E
T H E / B A _ K

...he solves COFFEE BREAK THE BANK for another $4,900 and keeps his $1M hopes alive for the moment. 


Michelle: $2K/Charles: $10K MDW/Melissa: ZERO

Bonus Puzzle Flashback Repeat: HIP HIP HOORAY (refer to the Oct. 20, 2012 recap on how the contestant did)


PP/Express Round: PHRASE 

Melissa finally gets her shot, but her first spin's the LaT. Second, Michelle lights up a $900 Y, buys four O's and a U, but then duds out w/ V. Third, Charles inserts two R's for $1,300, three E's and two A's, two L's for another $1,300, and the last vowel of I. Those are followed by a $1,400 N pairing, two FP T's, and a look at...

Y O U ' L L / N E E _
A / _ A _ _ _ O R T
_ O R / T _ I _ / O N E

YOU'LL NEED A PASSPORT FOR THIS ONE, buddy -- in addition to another $4,250, here's a a trip to HONG KONG sponsored by "Transformers: Age of Extinction" worth $8,540.

SOLE DUD: V (Michelle)
SOLE LaT: Melissa

Michelle: $2K/Charles: $22,790 cash & H.K. MDW/Melissa: DONUT 


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ _ M M _ / _ N
_ Y / _ _ _ _ Y

Melissa's finally on the scoreboard w/ the reply of "YUMMY IN MY TUMMY".

Round 4: THING

First up are a $700 T, double E's, a $600 H, and an A but then the signal for S-U Mode...

_ _ _ - T H E -
_ _ _ _ / _ E _ A _ _

...and the consonants pay off at $1,550 apiece.

_ F F - T H E -
_ _ F F / R E _ A R K

They last used this as a Bonus Puzzle late in S27 (and it's wasn't solved for $30K), as Melissa solves OFF-THE-CUFF REMARK for $7K. 

DUDS (after FS): S (Melissa), L (Charles), D (Melissa), N (Charles)

Michelle: $2K/Charles: $22,790 cash & H.K. MDW/Melissa: $10K

GT: $34,790


I forgot to mention this, but the car here this week is a BMW X3 crossover. With his mom holding that MDW, Charles spins up that A of GAME like last night's champ.

Category: PERSON
If he calls the right vowel in this one, he'll be home free...

T _ _ _
_ L _ _ E R

PMCA adds besides the obvious P...

T _ _ A
P L A _ E R

...and he IDs TUBA PLAYER! But is he the first-ever male millionaire on the program (and fourth overall)???...

 -- the bleeping $32K strikes again for the seventh straight aired ep.!!! Ugh; he'll have to settle for $54,790 cash & trip.

$1M LOCATION: P (Pat mistakenly went to the I of WIN since he forgot the location and has a laughing fit)

$5K SPIN ID: MN5694818

We end this ep. w/ footage of Jim in NYC; that's the first time he's ever been there. 


Monday, October 13, 2014

WOF Recap: October 13, 2014

They last had this theme week back in S28 and it's back this season -- "Wheel Was Here".


VTR: Aug. 7

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

M _ _ T O _ N
_ A _ H A _ T A N

Scott locates MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. The opening panel...

Scott Marron: hard lines manager for major warehouse retailer who was part of a world-record attempt for 24-hr. bowling from Myrtle Beach

Sanaa Rasul: life-enrichment coordinator from Chicago
Marisa Gossweiler: Army doctor for three yrs. from Lakewood, WA (orig. from Ronkonkoma, NY)


B _ _ _ N E _ S
M _ _ _ _ _ _

Sanaa solves BUSINESS MANAGER for control.

FEATURED TRIP: NYC's Roosevelt Hotel worth $6K
Mon/Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: eBags
1/2 CAR: Nissan Versa Note S

Round 1: BEFORE & AFTER 

Sanaa picks up that MDW right away w/ four T's, only to give it right back to the BANKRUPT near $650. Second, Marisa LaTs out. Third, Scott gets the other BANKRUPT so we're quickly back to Sanaa. She calls up a $700 R, buys four E's and two A's, but then gets the same BANKRUPT she got before. Marisa follows w/ an H for the NY trip, three I's to clean out the vowels, triple L's for the eBags gift tag, but then the LaT again. Scott next takes a $900 P but then the same BANKRUPT he got before. After Sanaa's $700 G, she spins up that BANKRUPT next to $650 for the third time in a row. Marisa then doesn't want to take any chances...

T H R E E / L I T T L E
P I G _
I _ / A / _ L A _ _ E T

...she mercifully solves "THREE LITTLE PIGS" IN A BLANKET for $8,750 cash & prizes. 

LaTs: 2 (both by Marisa)
BANKRUPTS: 5 (Sanaa 3x, Scott 2x)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $1K/Sanaa: $2K


Mystery Round: STAR & ROLE

T for terrible is how Marisa starts. Second, Scott spins up the same BANKRUPT Sanaa got three times in the last round, which is also his third of the night. The lady at the end is third in line w/ three S's for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, two A's, three $700 N's, a $550 L, but then the sole dud vowel of I. Next for Marisa are a FP R, two $900 H's, three E's and two O's, but that same normal  BANKRUPT strikes again to the tune of $1,800. Following Scott's $800 D and a $900 C...

D _ A _ N E / _ O H N S O N
A S / H E R C _ L E S


DUDS: T (Marisa), I (Sanaa)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Scott, Marisa)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $2,700/Sanaa: $2K 


PP/Express Round: PHRASE 

Scott leads off w/ three T's for the WC, an A, and two N's via EXPRESS, but he WON'T RIDE. Next up are two H's for $1,600, three E's, two S's for another $1,400, two O's, a $550 R, but that BANKRUPT near $650 stops by to rid him of $6,300 and his WC; that's his FOURTH one of the night. Both ladies then dud out w/ W and M, respectively, so we're coming right back to that man. He puts up a $600 L and a $900 D, then we have...

T H E R E ' S / N O T
A / _ L O _ D / _ N
T H E / S _ _

...he says "THERE'S NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY" for the $1,500 and a hotwire stay at The Buccaneer in ST. CROIX worth $9,340.

DUDS: W (Sanaa), M (Marisa)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $13,540 cash & trip/Sanaa: $2K



B _ _ T _ E
O _ E N _ R

Sanaa's up to $5K w/ BOTTLE OPENER.

Speed-Up Round: PHRASE

The consonants will pay off at $1,600 a pop. After a G appears...

_ _ ' V _ / G _ T
_ _ _ / _ _ V _ R _ _

Scott says "WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED" for the FS amount; had Marisa made the $4,800 solve, she would've won by just $10.

(AIRED) DUDS: L (Sanaa), S (Scott)

Marisa: $8,750 cash & prizes/Scott: $15,140 cash & trip/Sanaa: $5K 

GT: $28,890
BANKRUPT TRASH (extras not included): $9,900


$100K Bonus Round
Scott's stopping point is the A of GAME.

Category: PHRASE
This looks easy for at least yours truly...

T _ _ T
_ _ R _ S

CHDA fills in the first word...

_ _ R _ S

...but no help on the bottom dooms him; the winning answer for $32K was THAT WORKS.

$5K SPIN ID: LB0337087


Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 4 Stats

BTW, I looked up the FIAT 500c Pop online and that car offered this week would not have exceeded $32K since it's only worth $21K+. And we seriously need to give away a car! 

Total this Week: $308,829
Total for the Season: $1995,567
BR Win Record: 11-9 (.55)
Total Car Wins: 0
-1/2 Car: 0
-BR Car: 0 
Prize Wedge Wins: 8
Gift Tag Wins: 5
Mystery Wedge Wins: 1
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 9-2
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 3-6
$10K MW was next to LaT: 6
$10K MW was next to $800: 5
Express was Played-Passed: 1-0
-Successes: 0
-Crashes: 1
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 3 (2 on $3,500, 1 on $900)
-BR: 3
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 13/10/0
5-Round Games: 2
6-Round Games: 0
Gooseegg Victims: 4
Red Winners: 8
Yellow Winners: 10
Blue Winners: 2
This Week's Bankrupt Trash: $48,300* / 3 WC / 3 ½ CAR tags  
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $189,330* / 6 WC / 15 ½ CAR tags / 2 MDW
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,600* (Sept. 16), $15K (Oct. 1), $14,380* (Sept. 18)      
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $27,630* (Sept. 18), $27,500 (Oct. 1), $22,050* (Sept. 16)
Highest-Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $70,900 (Sept. 29), $62,914 (Sept. 16) 
Lowest-Winning Totals: $13,356 (Sept. 15), $11,000 (Sept. 18)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $45,640 (Oct. 6), $45,300 (Oct. 8), $42,590 (Sept. 17)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 0
$1M Bonus Rounds: 2

$32K: 9/15
$35K: 0/0
$40K: 1/1
$45K: 0/1
$50K: 0/0
$100K (or $1M): 1/1 
CAR: 0/2

* includes prizes